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I'm pretty much obliged to warn you. This site contains some words, siuations, material and ideas that is unsuitable for 10 year olds and might very much disturb religious straight-edgers. Normal Hanson fans on the other hand, will enjoy these. Have fun. IMPORTANT NOTE: I am really sorry if some of the photos on this site are yours. I'm really HTML challenged, so forgive me. I just see pics I like around, and I use them! P.S. THIS SITE IS INTENDED FOR HANSON FANS ONLY. AS IN, FANS OF THE BAND HANSON. GET IT? IF YOU ARE A BALDING, MIDDLE AGED ASSHOLE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO READ IN THE SPARE TIME OF YOUR PATHETIC LIVES ,THEN PLEASE LEAVE. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE BAND, PLEASE VISIT WWW.HANSONLINE.COM. THANKS!!!!!!!!!

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