Blah, blah, blah, blah get in touch......are you here?? listen to me!!! I need you to hear me! I'm dying arent I? I'm dying..........dying........Does anybody care?
Who do you love? Do they make you feel? Breathe? Make you alive? Complete? Are you dead? Or are you alive? Really. Get in touch. Who you love....they're your savior, your sex, your being. They make you laugh, you forget, you're complete. Always a hand to hold, lips to kiss, a cross to bear. Your last string of humanity. When you look at that person, what do you see? Do you even know what "love" is? Is it a superficial wanting for his/her body? Lust and desire go hand and hand, linked carelessly with such words as 'love' and 'commitment'. Such pain you can feel with love. And sex. But it feels good, right? You want it. Who do you love? Think about it. Do you love the the danger? All that was ever loved was eventually lost. Remember that nothing ever lasts forever. But what do I know? I refuse to love.

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