A Thing About Myself

Name: Who gives a sh*t??
Weight and height: 110, 5'4''
What I am: Student, I suppose.
Favorite quote:
Where I live: Chicago, IL.
THINGS I LOVE: Marilyn Monroe, Old horror movies,Adriana Lima (the model), lip gloss,newborn puppies, candy corn, belly button rings, guys with nice hair, Guess? brand, Chicago, music, Seattle, My friend Crystal, My other friends,the zoo , museums, coffee places, Strip Twister, Christian Camp (lol) and uh......other things.
THINGS I CAN'T STAND: homophobic people, racists, cats, rats, squirrels (don't even get me started on those nasty devil animals), cockroaches, slow modems, meat, people who abuse animals,bad customer service, bad traffic and materialistic teenyboppers.
Hobbies and favorite pastimes: Reading, drinking coffee, playing with my animals, chatting on the net with various people, collecting Care Bears and vintage collectable toys, doing yoga, obsessing over Taylor Hanson, listening to music, going to concerts and......writing fan-fiction.
Email : becky_plant@hotmail.com

I'll start with the basics about me. If your going to want to ge tto know me better,read my stories. They pretty much tell my soul. You also need to know one important thing about me. I'm obsessed with Taylor Hanson. For real. Look up the word 'obsession', and never overuse that word. Is isnt something I ever wanted or planned, it just is. I breathe for him. I'm not different then anyone else, though. I have a life. I dont go out and buy Hanson mugs and boxer shorts and call MTV every day to request Hanson, I don't scream and faint at Hanson shows and I'm sure as hell NOT a teenybopper. I know I'm sopposed to start with my eye color and everything, but who wants to be ordinary? Email me with comments.