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Welcome to the Cosmic Connection
Tarot Page

Of all of the systems of divination, the Tarot is the most widely used by psychics, and the most misunderstood by the average person. 

They were once known as "The Devil's Picture Book" and many theories of their origins have been put forth.  Some say it's a pictorial representation of the Qabbalah, others that they originiated with the Egyptian's and are a guide to one of their mystery traditions. 

What we know for sure is that the Tarot is an effective tool, not only for the purpose of divination (seeing the future) but also for spiritual development through meditation and study.  We also know that the Tarot is the Grandmother of plain old regular playing cards.

Psychics who use Tarot often use them as a focusing tool.  The images mean something different every time they use them.  However, the Tarot can be read by those with very limited psychic gifts after a period of study.  This makes it one of the most accesible of the divinatory tools available today. 

Here you will find many tools and resources available to aid you in your study of this ancient system of divination.  This list has been compiled by master tarologists who have worked in the psychic arts industry for many years.

From Tarot card decks to shareware, we've got what you need. We have included descriptions of each resource for your convienience.  To navigate, please use the 'back" button on your browser.

Many of the readers who work with Cosmic Connection use Tarot.  Whether you are a beginner or an expert tarologist, we welcome you to take a look at our employment opportunity!

Links To Resources On Line

Tarot Online

This lovely lady has provided her entire course in the use of Tarot for free.  You can download this course to your desktop for use while not online, or use it in your browser.  We highly recommend this resource for those who would like to learn the meanings of the Tarot cards.

Visit Now

Salem Tarot

The following links will take you to specific pages at Salem Tarot.  This site is a wonderful resource for information on the cards.  Included within their pages is a wealth of information, including a History of the Tarot

Essay on The History Of the Tarot

Tarot Meditations

Tarot Postcards

A feast for the eyes.  The Osho Zen Tarot is a beautiful deck which is best used for meditative purposes.  This site has it all, from free readings to meditation tips.  The site loads slowly so please have patience.  It's worth the wait!

Visit Now

For a comprehensive listing of recommended books and tools

Visit the Resources Page

or search using this search box. 

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Freeware and Shareware


Updated regularly!  Input the following search terms and download the following excellent programs!

Cyber Tarot

This is a shareware program which allows you to input your own notes on the meanings of the tarot cards as well as producing readings at the click of a button.  Input the name in the search box and download!

ES Tarot and Rune Reader

This is a freeware program.  The tarot card interpretations aren't great, but the program is a must for those who are already familiar with the meanings of the cards.  Provides quite a few layouts, and two ways to read your spread.  The rune reader is excellent and the interpretations are the best I've ever seen in a free program.

You can find many, many tarot programs on line and in bookstores.  The best thing to do is to search or for "tarot".  You'll be amazed at what's out there!

We hope you have enjoyed using our tarot  page.  Please don't forget to take a look at our employment opportunity before you leave!




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