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Free Readings!
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Free Readings!

While it is our belief that nothing can replace a reading done by a professional psychic, we have found the following readings to be quite accurate, fun and best of all FREE! 

A brief description of each service proceeds the links. 


Annikin Divination Systems

Free online Tarot and Rune Readings.  Choose from over 150 different spreads.  This is a recommended resource for psychics who want to learn new tarot or rune layouts, and for those interested in having a fun reading.
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Rune Casts


Destiny Readings
Robert Camp
These readings are designed to help you discover your life's purpose.  While it uses playing cards, this system is complex and fascinating.  Thank goodness Robert does all the work for us!  Please use the link below and once you're done getting your "Destiny Reading", hit "back" on your web browswer to return here.

Free Destiny Readings

Osho Zen Tarot
This site offers readings done with the breathtakingly beautiful "Osho Zen Tarot". The whole site is a visual feast, but we thought you'd be especially interested in the free readings!

Get One Here


Free Horoscopes!

While they are prerecorded, we find these horocopes to be far more accurate than the ones found in newspapers.  Call today!  It's free for life!


For more information about freeware and shareware programs, please visit the psychic arts section of our site.  Each section provides valuable links to sites online that offer tarot, rune, astrology and numerology programs that you can download and use on your PC

We hope you have enjoyed using these resources!  Feel free to browse the rest of the site for MUCH MUCH MORE!



Psychic Arts


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