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Welcome to The Cosmic Connection
Astrology Page

Astrology is a very popular system of divination.  Best known for it's accurate assessment of a person's character traits, it can do much more.  Future trends are very accurately predicted with the use of Astrology.

While it is a very scientific application, requiring exact birthdates, times, latitudes and longitudes, there are many shortcuts available to the aspiring astrologist.  This page will highlight the best resources available today.

Psychics who work  with Cosmic Connection are encouraged to use Astrology in their readings.  If you are an astrologer and would like to work from home, please look at our employment opportunity today!

Astrology Resources On Line


The number one resource for Astrology 101 information.  This site also features comprehensive readings ranging from compatibility charts to personality profiles.  The site also allows you to obtain a membership for free and save your charts and readings on their database.  Highly recommended!

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Astrology Zone

Brought to you by the Go.Network.  In-depth horoscopes and a wealth of information on each sun sign.

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For a comprehensive listing of recommended books and tools

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or search using this search box. 

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Shareware and Freeware

Astrolog 5.4

A freeware astrology program.  This is an excellent resource.  Download it today!

 Download Site 

King Of The Stars

A shareware astrology program.  Try it free and buy it if you like it.  This is a very good program

 Download Site 

We hope you have enjoyed using our astrology page.  Please don't forget to take a look at our employment opportunity before you leave!




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