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Welcome to The Cosmic Connection
Numerology Page!

Numerology is the least known of all the psychic arts, though those that use it swear by it as an excellent trend predictor and character profiler.  This system is easily used, requiring no tools at all.  Many aspects of a person's life can be divined from the barest essentials, such as their birthdate, birth name, place of birth, etc.  Company names can be profiled to aid in divining the potential for success, dates can be chosen according to their numerological value and it's appropriateness to the querants intent.

An example of this might be a wedding date.

If a couple wanted to marry on June 2 2001, you would break this number down according to it's numerological value.

June=06 (the sixth month)
Therefore, the numerological value of this date is
Add these values and you have
11 which you can break down further (unless you use "Master Numbers"  This will be explained below)
The value of which is 2

When you examine the meaning of the number two you find that partnership is highlighted.  This would be an example of a good day to marry on.  

Master numbers are double digit numbers consisting of the same numeral.
11, 22, 33
are examples of master numbers.  Basically in these values, the numeral is doubled in it's effect.  For example, in the case of 1, an innovative number, the number of inventors, the qualities of inventiveness are doubled.

Many numerologists examine all numerals involved, especially in the case of the birthdate.

Many of the readers who are currently contracted with Cosmic Connection use numerology in their readings as a "jumping off point"  The ease with which it can be used and applied is often cited as a major benefit.  If you are a numerologist, whether a beginner or an expert, please take a moment to look at our employment opportunity!

  Please avail yourself of our resources as listed below to aid you in your research into this topic.

Numerology Resources Online

Numerology-A Path To Knowledge

This page provides a basic overview of numerology and a free numerological profile.

Visit Now

Number Quest

This is the premiere site on the topic of numerology.  Offers an extensive Numerology Faq, which is linked below.  While you're there, get free numerology readings!

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For a comprehensive listing of recommended books and tools

Visit the Resources Page

or search using this search box. 

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Shareware and Freeware


This is a freeware numerology program that is very easy to install and understand.

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Numerology Calculator

Another freeware program that does all the work for you.

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We hope you have enjoyed using our Numerology page.  Please don't forget to take a look at our employment opportunity before you leave!




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