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Runes Page!

The runes are of Norse origin and are an actual alphabet, with a phonic value assigned to each image.  Their most popular use, however, is as a divining tool.  They are stones with the figures carved into them, and are use in layouts, much the same as the tarot.

The popularity of runes has risen greatly in recent years due to their earthy feel and ease of use.  Those who are adept at memorizing symbolic meanings find Runes very easy to master.

Many of the readers who are contracted with Cosmic Connection use runes in what is known as a "confirmation reading".  The reader will use a primary tool, such as tarot, and then "throw the bones" or runes, by laying a "clarifying rune" on each card already laid.  This helps the reader to gain further insights into the situation and go into more depth with the client.

If you have experience using Runes in psychic readings, you are encouraged to take a look at our employment opportunity before you continue on your journey.

Links To Resources On Line

Irminsul Aettir

The magic of runes is well documented in this outstanding site. Everything you need is featured right here, from the history of the runes, the various "versions" of the runes, how to use them, what they mean, even interactive free online readings!

Visit Now

Runes: The Viking Oracle

This site features comprehensively written interpretations for the Elder Futhark, one version of the runes.  Low on hype, high on information, this site is highly recommended for the student of the runes.

Visit Now


While short on information about the runes themselves, this site features free readings with rune sets that are geared to different aspects of the human condition.  Very nicely done site.

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For a comprehensive listing of recommended books and tools

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Freeware and Shareware


Updated regularly!  Input the following search terms and download the following excellent programs!

ES Tarot and Rune Reader

This is a freeware program.  The tarot card interpretations aren't great, but the program is a must for those who are already familiar with the meanings of the cards.  Provides quite a few layouts, and two ways to read your spread.  The rune reader is excellent and the interpretations are the best I've ever seen in a free program.

You can find many, many rune  programs on line and in bookstores.  The best thing to do is to search or for "runes".  You'll be amazed at what's out there!





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