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Apply For Your Dream Job!

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Please follow these instructions carefully.

Step One: Save all the paperwork to your hard drive (left click to highlight the text, right click to copy, open a word program such as wordpad and right click to paste. To avoid confusion, name the file by its proper name, eg. "contract" for contract) and print out all paperwork listed. If you do not have a printer, please save these documents to your computer, transfer to a floppy disc and take the disc to a copy service. They should have no trouble printing the documents for you.

Step Two: Please read over the paperwork as presented. As you are reading, please make a note of any questions you may have. Write them down! This will save time when you have your initial interview.

Step Three: Fill out the "Application" form and hit send. Please ensure that you have all your paperwork printed and ready for the initial interview.

Step Four: Once your interview has been successfully completed, you will be given further instructions.

The Paper Work

Please use the "next" button at the bottom of each page to navigate. When you have copied all paper work to your hard drive, please come back to this page and check to make sure you have saved every document.



W9 Form

Log On Information


Submitting Logsheets

Independant Contractors Psychic Experience Agreement

Call Priority

Whisper Messages

Important Phone Numbers

Tips For Success

Basic Astrology

Basic Numerology

Crisis Intervention Hotlines

State Abbreviations

DOs And DON'Ts

For which position are you applying?

Psychic Reader Virtual Call Center Representative

What is your name?

Please enter your area code

E-mail address?

Your main area of expertise? (eg. tarot, runes, astrology, clairvoyance, sales, etc.)

How much time to you plan to invest on the line?

Have you worked for PRN before? If yes, please tell us for which bookstore. If no, please type no.

You will hear from us within forty eight hours. Be sure to have the paperwork printed and ready.

Thank you for your application!


Psychic Arts


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