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"You've got to dance like nobody's watching,
and love like it's never going to hurt."
~Ann Wells~

(Not much now...but it works...
I'm working on improving it...IRC's are difficult to do)

~Poem To My Friends~ ~Cyber Prayer~ ~Story To Live By~ ~When I'm Old~
~Will You Hold Me?~ ~PC Specs~ ~A Kitten's Prayer~ ~Cat Commandments~
~When Tomorrow Starts Without Me~ ~Hubby Pie~ ~PC Specs~ ~Slow Dance~
~Dating Rules~ ~Feminine Phrases~ ~Male Phrases~

Please me ...

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I first created this page with WebTV...
...but now I am using a computer to update it.
Computers make it so much easier to create a homepage...but you can still do it with WebTV.
I have NOT taken any programming classes to learn how to do this.
Try it yourself ... the possibilities are endless.
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