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( Johnny Carson's ) ART FERN Appreciation Page!


A Page for ALLISON STEELE, Radio DJ!

A Page for Hatha Yoga with KATHLEEN HITCHCOCK!

Rob's Page of Miscellaneous DARK SHADOWS Stuff!


The Wall of TIBET.

Quick & Easy Chili Recipe!  with Chili Books.

VICTORIA PRINCIPAL - Pics, Links, Books & Videos!

ERIN GRAY - Pics, Links, Books & Videos!


The Page of LARA PARKER!

BETTY PAGE - Klaw Photos!  plus Books & Video!

Other ACTRESS Pics, Links, Videos & Books!

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 1. Other Useful WWWeb Sites.

 2. Anti-Virus Web Sites.

    2b. Anti-Cookie Web Sites.

 3. WWWeb Search Engines.

 4. IRC & WWWeb Chat Sites.

 5. Even More Eccentric WWWeb Sites!

    5b. England!

      5c. WWWeb Camera Site Directories!

 6. Author Information.

[1] Other Useful WWWeb Sites!

Newbie-U, New User University -   If you're so new to the Web that you don't even know what a Newbie is, then this is the site for you!

Guide to The Internet -   Life On The Internet's Beginners Guide to the Internet.

CyberAngels Internet Safety Organization -   Just like the Real World, the Internet is Not a safe place! Get some excellent Internet safety information here.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer -

Netscape's Communicator / Navigator -

 BrowserWatch -   News and Plug-Ins for your Browser.

Browser-Tune -   Tuneup and Test pages for whatever Browser you're using.

TuCows -   MAJOR source for useful Freeware & Shareware.

SoftSeek -   Another excellent source for freeware, shareware, & trial software.

The Free Site -   Primarily for Web Authors, but contains much other good stuff.

LinkExchange - Site Inspector -   A handy way to check various aspects of your Web Page(s).

Free e-mail services -   An excellent list of free on-line e-mail services.

free -   Lists of free webhosting companies (and other free stuff).

Mining Co. Guide to: Personal Web Pages -   Links list of free web space providers.

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[2] Anti-Virus Web Sites!

You don't want a dirty, disgusting virus getting onto your hard-drive and eating all your data do you?  Of course you don't!  Here are a few good sites of commercial anti-virus software, with some of them offering down-loadable demo versions.

Mining Co. Guide to: Antivirus Software -   Links list of Antivirus pages & site links.

IBM AntiVirus -  Much good info.

eSafe Technologies -  (formerly shareware)

Anyware Antivirus -  (formerly shareware)

Dr.Solomon's Anti-Virus -

Norton AntiVirus -

ThunderByte Anti-Virus Utilities -

McAfee VirusScan -

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[2b] Anti-Cookie Web Sites.

You don't want a dirty, disgusting cookie keeping track of everywhere you've been and writing itself onto Your hard-drive do you?  Of course you don't!  So here are a few good sites of anti-cookie information & software.

  C  Cookie Central -

Netscape Cookies -

Luckman's Anonymous Cookie -

Cookie Crusher -

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[3] WWWeb Search Engines!

There are Much better search engines out there than just Yahoo! (Yahoo isn't even a true Search Engine!)  Here are some of the better ones for your forays into the deep, dark Web!

  AltaVista -   Will give you thousands of results.

  MetaCrawler -   VERY handy for getting top ten or twenty results from numerous other Search Engines.

  Northern Light -

Oingo -



eXcite -

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[4] IRC & WWWeb Chat Sites!

What is IRC ? -   Excellent Software (mIRC) and Information for Internet Relay Chat.

The PIRCH Page -   Another good piece of Software (pIRCh) for chatting on IRC.

The Official Ircle Home page -   IRC software for Macintosh users.

Zircon, an X11 Client for IRC -   IRC software for Unix (tcl/tk) users.

Chat planet -   Want to chat with others on the WWWeb but don't want to deal with Internet Relay Chat?  Try this (Java) Site!

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[5] Even More Eccentric WWWeb Sites!

MICROSHAFT -   Hate Microsoft? Try MicroShaft!

NewsGuy News Service -   Interested in News-Groups but hate all the SPAM & idiots? Try this site instead.

BookWire -   Tons of information about books both on and off the Web.

Booknotes -   Online companion to the excellent C-Span television program.

Book TV -   Lots of good info about recent nonfiction books. (Tied in with C-Span2's weekend BookTV shows.)

Amazon Books -   Huge online bookstore with everything that's fit to read and more! Including videos & music CD's.

Screen Savers Bonanza -   Tons of ScreenSavers! Check out my favorite, Kaleidoscope95!

Syntrillium Software Corp. -   Home of the coolest screensaver in the known universe (Snoqualmie) and other fine products!

Flywheel Software Screensavers -   Shareware versions of their unique ScreenSavers! Try my fav, Aurora!

Fourmilab -   Lots of neat scientific stuff & screensavers (views of earth, moon, & stars and other stuff!)!

Longbow Digital Arts -   Home of the Particle Fire screensaver, and a really excellent version of Breakout called DX-Ball 2.

Vinyl Lives! On-line -   Looking for actual black-vinyl record albums? Look here! Real music made with real black plastic!

Hubble Telescope Images -   Neato pictures from that big telescope in the sky! Also Links to other Hubble Image Sites.

Gemini Observatory -   Better quality images than Hubble?! Could be, because of it's atmosphere elimination technology!

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab -   Pathfinder Mars Mission information and pictures from Mars!

The Internet Chess Club Links Page -   Want to learn chess, or play chess, or read about chess?  There's plenty of chess links here!

UM Weather -   Nuts about weather? Here's Plenty of Links including maps, satellites, weather cams, other weather sites, and more!

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[5b] England!

Lifestyle UK -   Contemporary life in England, with Huge lists of Links to British, U.S., & European Sites!  (Oh, to be in England!)

Museums around the UK -   Huge list of Links to British museum sites.

Virtual London -   Your On-Line guide to visiting London!

This is London -   London Evening Standard (newspaper) online.

Bigglethwaite's UKTV QuickSheet -   Authoritative listing of Links related to British TV shows!

SceneOne - UK Entertainment Guide -   Major guide to all forms of entertainment in the U.K.

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[5c] WWWeb Camera Site Directories!

Live video pictures (Web-Cams) from locations all over the world!!!

Earth Cam -

Tommy's List of Live Cam Worldwide -

JASBITS Top Five NetCams -

The Nose's HomeCAMs page -

The Live WebCams Ring -

Sun Clock -   This is a really nice Java clock-map, showing where it's light and dark in the world right now! (So you know which cams to look at!)

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[6] Author Information.

This small but exciting part of the WWWeb is brought to you by Robert P. Haycock. ( Eccentric Obsessions is a subsidiary of Idiosyncratic Industries! )  Sorry, but because of Massive SPAM problems my E-Mail link has been "hidden". See More Author Information page for more info, thanks!

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