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 1. Mädchen Amick!

 2. Jane Badler!

 3. Brenda Bakke!

 4. Cyb & Tricia Barnstable!

 5. Jennifer Connelly!

 6. Audrey Landers!

 7. Barbara Parkins!

 8. Barbara Steele!

 9. Vanity!

 10. Natalie Wood!

 11. Other Sites listing Multiple Actresses.

 12. Books of Feminine Beauty.

        12a. Photo Books.

        12b. Illustration Books.

 13. Author Information.

I have tried to list sites in each section in the order of best quality first. Except for sections 11 & 12.


[1] Mädchen Amick!   Best known so far for her role in "Twin Peaks", and her many B-movies.

      533x600 [64 KB]

The Ultimate Mädchen Amick FanSite -

Madchen Amick pictures -

Women Celbrities: Madchen Amick -

Madchen Amick page -

Internet Movie Database Filmography for Mädchen Amick -,+M%E4dchen

~~~ Mädchen Amick movies on videotape! ~~~

Bombshell (96)

The Courtyard (95)

Love, Cheat & Steal (94)

Dream Lover (94)

Sleepwalkers (92)

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (92)

I'm Dangerous Tonight (90)

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[2] Jane Badler!   Best known for her role in the TV series/mini-series "V" as "Diana", Queen of the Lizard Visitors!

      348x480 [34 KB]   322x480 [45 KB]

JANE BADLER aka Diana -

Jane Badler - 8x10 color photographs -

V page -

Internet Movie Database Filmography for Jane Badler -,+Jane

~~~ Jane Badler movies on videotape! ~~~

V (mini-series) (83)

V-Final Battle (84)

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[3] Brenda Bakke!   Best known so far for her co-starring role in "Hot Shots! Part Deux", and as "Selena" (the Devil's concubine) in the TV series "American Gothic". Also known for many B movies and now some A movies!

      330x480 [26 KB]   400x300 [27 KB]

Brenda Bakke -

American Gothic Actors - Brenda Bakke -

Internet Movie Database Filmography for Brenda Bakke -,+Brenda

~~~ Brenda Bakke movies on videotape! ~~~

L.A. Confidential (97)

Demon Knight (Tales From the Crypt...) (95)

Hot Shots! Part Deux* (93)

Twogether (92)

Death Spa (90)

Hardbodies 2 (86)

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[4] Cyb & Tricia Barnstable!   Best known for their roles in the Sci Fi TV Comedy Series "Quark". And for their Doublemint twins commercials.

      364x480 [47 KB]   360x480 [43 KB]

NBC Biographies of Cyb & Tricia Barnstable -

The Unofficial Homepage for Buck Henry's 1978 Television show "Quark" -

Internet Movie Database Filmography for Cyb Barnstable -,+Cyb

Internet Movie Database Filmography for Tricia Barnstable -,+Patricia

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[5] Jennifer Connelly!   American film actress, with a quiet and unique sensuality.

      390x480 [57 KB]   335x480 [46 KB]   400x480 [51 KB] -

The Iconophile's Jennifer Connelly Page -

The Jennifer Connelly Fan Page -

The Jennifer Connelly Center -

Jennifer Connelly - A Celebration! -

Pictures of Jennifer Connelly -

Internet Movie Database Filmography for Jennifer Connelly -,+Jennifer

~~~ Jennifer Connelly movies on videotape! ~~~

Dark City (98)

Inventing the Abbotts (97)

Far Harbor (96)

Of Love and Shadows (96)

Career Opportunities (91)

The Rocketeer (91)

Labyrinth (86)

Phenomena (85)

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[6] Audrey Landers!   Best known in the United States for her ultra-sensuous role of "Afton" on the TV series "Dallas", as well as many other television guest appearances. Also known in Europe for her successful singing career.

      320x480 [45 KB]   320x480 [30 KB]   480x317 [39 KB]   480x331 [36 KB]

Landers Sisters Home Page! -

Audrey Landers Gallery. -

Judy and Audrey Landers (photos) -

Audrey Landers (photo) -

Audrey Landers biography. -

1991 Fitness Plus Magazine interview. -

1983 TV Guide article. -

Internet Movie Database Filmography for Audrey Landers -,+Audrey

~~~ Audrey Landers videos! ~~~

Battlestar Galactica - The Young Lords (78)

A Chorus Line (85)

Lucky Chances (90)

~~~ Audrey Landers music on CD! ~~~

Best of Audrey Landers [IMPORT]

Wo Der Sudwind Weht (Holiday Dreams with A.L.)[German IMPORT]

HuggABug Club Friends Forever (Children's)

HuggABug Club Sing Along! (Children's)

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[7] Barbara Parkins!   Canadian born actress, best known for TV series "Peyton Place" and movie "The Valley of the Dolls".

      380x600 [60 KB]   480x600 [77 KB]

Barbara Parkins photo -

Same photo as above page. -

Barbara Parkins as Anne (page, Valley of the Dolls site) -

Barbara Parkins (page, Peyton Place site) -

Internet Movie Database Filmography for Barbara Parkins -,+Barbara

~~~ Barbara Parkins movies on videotape! ~~~

The Mephisto Waltz (71)

Valley of the Dolls (67)

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[8] Barbara Steele!   British actress best known for her 1960's horror movies, though she has done much other film work.

      356x480 [37 KB]   400x339 [36 KB]

Silent Scream - the unofficial Barbara Steele film site -

People Are Strange -Barbara Steele -

Sinister Cinema - The Films of Barbara Steele -

Cult Film Site: More Horror Films: Barbara Steele Section - Steele

Internet Movie Database Filmography for Barbara Steele -,+Barbara

~~~ Barbara Steele movies on videotape! ~~~

Shivers (75)

8˝ (63)

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[9] Vanity!   Singer (with Prince, Vanity 6, & solo) and Actress, not to mention one of the sexiest & most sensual women of the 1980's!  THANKS to Michelle for some of these links!

      193x450 [41 KB]   310x450 [43 KB]   300x450 [39 KB]

Vanity's Mirrored Lair -

Yahoo Clubs - Vanity's Lair -

The Last Dragon Website -

Do You Think I'm a Nasty Girl? -

Vanity 6 Illustrated discography -

Internet Movie Database Filmography for Vanity (Denise Matthews) -

~~~ Vanity movies on videotape! ~~~

The Last Dragon (85)

52 Pickup* (86)

Never Too Young to Die (86)

Deadly Illusion (87)

Action Jackson (88)

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[10] Natalie Wood!   Major American film actress.

      462x600 [73 KB] 432x600 [73 KB]   470x600 [48 KB]   450x600 [57 KB] 405x600 [78 KB]

The Natalie Wood Collector's Resource -

Internet Movie Database Filmography for Natalie Wood -,+Natalie

~~~ Natalie Wood movies on videotape! ~~~

From Here to Eternity (79)

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (69)

This Property is Condemned* (66)

Inside Daisy Clover (65)

Love With the Proper Stranger (63)

Gypsy* (62)

Splendor in the Grass (61)

West Side Story (61)

Rebel Without a Cause (55)

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[11] Other Sites listing Multiple Actresses.       Other Actress Eyes

Actress Armageddon -

Beautiful Women Collection -

British Television Babes -

German Television Babes (in German) -

Hollywood Pinup -


Minx Linx -

Models and Actresses (ftp site) -

Silver Screen Siren Website -

Suteki Gallery -

Internet DreamBabes -

Vergil's Beautiful Women Home -

Women Celebrities -

Women Celebrity Pictures -

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[12] Books of Feminine Beauty.

Amazon Books On-Line! is pleased to have Eccentric Obsessions in the family of associates. We've agreed to ship books and provide customer service for orders we receive through special links on Eccentric Obsessions! associates list selected books in an editorial context that helps you choose the right books. We encourage you to visit Eccentric Obsessions often to see what new books they've selected for you. Thank you for shopping with an associate. Sincerely, Jeff Bezos, President,

P.S. We guarantee you the same high level of customer service you would receive at If you have a question about an order you've placed, please don't hesitate to contact us.

~~~~~ Photos! ~~~~~

Movie-Star Portraits of the Forties: 163 Glamor Photos  by John Kobal

Film-Star Portraits of the Fifties: 163 Glamor Photos  by John Kobal

Hollywood Glamor Portraits: 145 Photos of Stars, 1926-1949  by John Kobal

Hurrell's Hollywood Portraits: The Chapman Collection  by Mark A. Vieira, George Hurrell

Leading Ladies  by Don MacPherson, Louise Brody

Starlet: Biographies, Filmographies, TV Credits and Photos of 54 Famous and Not So Famous Leading Ladies of the Sixties  by Kim Holston

Screen Goddesses  by Daniel Cohen, Susan Chen

Hollywood Leg Art Photos  by Madison S. Lacy

Star Shots  by John Engstead

The Most Beautiful Women  by Patrick Lichfield

Pin-Up Mania: The Golden Age of Men's Magazines, 1950-1967  by Alan Betrock

Wicked Women of the Screen  by David Quinlan

Sex in the Movies  by Sam Frank

Pictorial History of Sex in Films  by Parker Tyler

A pictorial history of sex in the movies  by Jeremy Pascall

David Hamilton

The first two books were in print; Unfortunately all the rest of his photography books of nude young women are out of print! I have listed them because they are Well Worth seeking out.

David Hamilton: Twenty Five Years of an Artist  by David Hamilton

The Age of Innocence  by David Hamilton

Sisters  by David Hamilton

Dreams of a Young Girl  by David Hamilton

Young Girl: The Theme of a Photographer  by David Hamilton

David Hamilton's Private Collection  by David Hamilton

Bilitis  by David Hamilton

Hamilton's movie Bilitis: a photographic scrapbook from the movie  by David Hamilton

Tender Cousins  by David Hamilton

~~~~~ Incredible Female Artwork! ~~~~~

Petty Book     Elvgren Book     Varga Book     Devorss Book

Gil Elvgren: The Wartime Pin-Ups  by Max Allan Collins

Elvgren: His Life & Art  by Ann G. Bennett, Drake Elvgren, Max Allan Collins

Pin-Up Poster Book: The Elvgren Collection  by Marianne Ohl Phillips

Pin-Up Poster Book: The Billy Devorss Collection  by Billy Devorss, Max Allan Collins

Billy Devorss: The Classic Pin-Ups  by Kent Steine, Gail Manchur

Petty: The Classic Pin-Up Art of George Petty  by George Petty, Reid Stewart Austin

Earl MacPherson: The Sketchbook Pin-Ups  by by Gail Manchur, Fred Wilson, Max Allan Collins

Memoirs of Earl Mac Pherson the King of Pin-Up Art  by Earl Mac Pherson, Merylene Schneider

Varga  by Tom Robotham

Alberto Vargas: The Esquire Years Vol. I  by Michael Goldberg

Alberto Vargas: The Esquire Years Vol. II  by Michael Goldberg

Sorayama image     Sorayama image     Olivia image     Stevens image

Sorayama: Hyper Illustrations  by Haijime Sorayama

Sorayama: Hyper Illustrations, Part 2  by Haijime Sorayama

Sorayama: Call in Beauties  by Haijime Sorayama

The Gynoids  by Haijime Sorayama

Naga  by Haijime Sorayama

Torquere  by Haijime Sorayama

Let Them Eat Cheesecake: The Art of Olivia  by Olivia De Berardinis

Second Slice: The Art of Olivia  by Olivia De Berardinis

Just Teasing  by Dave Stevens

The Blue Book  by Brad Benedict

The Great American Pin-Up; Posterbook

The Great American Pin-Up Postcardbook


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[13] Author Information.

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