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1. Sound bytes (wave files).

2. Midi Music files.

3. Images captured from video.

4. Related Audio Books.

    4b. Related Music CDs.

        4c. Related Videos.

5. Author Information.

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[1] Sound bytes (wave files).   - Download Zip file containing 46 wave files of D.S. characters saying odd, interesting, scary, or amusing things!     1.57 Meg = 2.48 Meg UnZipped.   - Second Zipped set containing 34 wave files of D.S. characters saying more odd, interesting, scary, or amusing things!     1.59 Meg = 3.11 Meg UnZipped.   - Third Zipped set containing 47 wave files of D.S. characters! A Lot of Barnabas in this one and some good advice from the E.H.C. Caretaker!     1.5 Meg = 3.24 Meg UnZipped.   - Fourth Zipped set containing 39 wave files of D.S. characters! Much variety here, with Barnabas, Ben Stokes, Julia, David, Prof.Stokes, Mrs.Johnson, and more!     1.27 Meg = 2.45 Meg UnZipped.   - Fifth Zipped set containing 28 wave files of D.S. characters! The Reverand Trask is here to give you the word! Yup! Nothing but Trask ranting in this set!     604 K = 1.12 Meg UnZipped.

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[2] Midi Music files.   - Download Zip file containing 21 Midi files of DARK SHADOWS music. (16 different songs with variations on 4 of them.) All were transcribed from the DS Music Book by Robert Cobert.     28 KB = 123 KB UnZipped.

NOTE! These were all done using the old (standard PC) midi soundcard voice assignments. Most of them, unfortunately, do not sound good using the Apple Quicktime (Macintosh, Netscape plugin) midi voices. I may do a second set specifically done for use with the Quicktime voices...

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[3] Images captured from video.

These were done when I first got my PC and I admit the quality isn't the greatest in the world. Still, some of them are nice as windows backrounds. All images are 640 x 480 in size, and file sizes average about 40 K.

This section is being re-done...

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[4] Related Audio Books. Amazon Books On-Line! is pleased to have Eccentric Obsessions in the family of associates. We've agreed to ship books and provide customer service for orders we receive through special links on Eccentric Obsessions! associates list selected books in an editorial context that helps you choose the right books. We encourage you to visit Eccentric Obsessions often to see what new books they've selected for you. Thank you for shopping with an associate. Sincerely, Jeff Bezos, President,

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The Dark Shadows Companion: 25th Anniversary Collection  Narrated by Jonathan Frid, Lara Parker, Roger Davis, & Kathryn Leigh Scott.  Audio Cassette.


[4b] Related Music CD's.

House Of Dark Shadows/Night Of Dark Shadows Soundtrack Album  

The Dark Shadows 30th Anniversary Collection  


[4c] Related Videos.

House of Dark Shadows

Night of Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows Behind the Scenes

Dark Shadows Bloopers

Dark Shadows 25th Anniversary

Dark Shadows Music Videos

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[5] Author Information.

This small but exciting part of the WWWeb is brought to you by Robert Haycock.  E-Mail me with any questions, comments, suggestions, or information about this Dark Shadows stuff.  Sorry, but because of Massive SPAM problems my E-Mail link has been "hidden". See the info box at the bottom of this page for more info, thanks!

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