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1. Who Is Lara Parker?!

2. Lara Parker's Television Credits.

3. Lara Parker's Film Credits.

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5. Photos of Lara as Angelique!

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6. Lara & Angelique Speak!

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8. Why?!

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[1] Who Is Lara Parker!       Crystal Angelique animation!

      Lara was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, and grew up in Memphis. She attended Central High School in Memphis and won a scholarship to Vassar College where she began a major in Philosophy, which she completed at Southwestern at Memphis, now called Rhodes College, receiving her BA. She attended graduate school at the University of Iowa and completed all course work on a Masters in Speech and Drama.
      The summer Lara was to write her thesis she acted at the Millbrook Playhouse in Loch Haven, Pennsylvania, where she did five leading roles in six weeks. Rather than return to Iowa, she decided to try her luck in New York City, and the second week she was there she was cast as Angelique the witch in the daytime horror serial "Dark Shadows," a job she held for five years, culminating in the film, "Night of Dark Shadows". While she was in New York, she appeared in a Broadway play, "Woman is My Idea", and two off-Broadway Plays: "Lulu" and "A Gun Play".
      Lara moved to Los Angeles in 1972 and began working in film and nighttime television, performing many guest roles and occasionally returning to daytime television. After acting she has been a high school teacher, has written several screenplays, and has completed her first novel (see book section below). As of 1999 she lives in California with her husband and daughter.

A pretty good interview with Lara can be found in Femme Fatales Magazine, Summer 1995, Volume 4 Number 1. Information for ordering back issues can be found at... Femme Fatales Magazine FAQ.

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[2] Lara Parker's Television Credits.

As a Regular -
Year Network   Show Title
1967-70 ABC Dark Shadows (Daytime Drama)
197?-7? ABC One Life To Live (Daytime Drama)
1982-83 Showtime A New Day in Eden (Primetime Drama)
1986-88 CBS Capital (Daytime Drama)

As a Guest -       Lara in KUNG FU.
Year Network   Show Title   Episode Title
1968 NBC The Tonight Show ? (variety show)
1969 NBC The Tonight Show ? (variety show)
1970? ? Sword of Justice ?
1970? ? Switch ?
1970? ? Quincy ?
1970? ? Kojak ?
1970 ? Emergency, N.Y.P.D. ?
1973 ? All My Darling Daughters' Anniversary TV Movie
1973 ? The F.B.I. ?
1973 ? Kung Fu King of the Mountain
1973 ? Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law ?
1973? ? The Night Stalker The Trevi Collection
1974 ? The Chadwick Family TV Movie
1974 ? Rockford Files Sleight of Hand
1974 ? Six Million Dollar Man ?
1974 ? Medical Center ?
1974? ? Mobile One ?
1974? ? This is the Life ?
1975 ? Adventures of the Queen TV Movie
1975 ? Rockford Files ?
1975 ? Police Woman ?
1975 ? Kate Loves a Mystery ?
1975 ? Charlie's Angels ?
1976 ? Kojak ?
1976 ? City of Angels ?
1976 ? Alice ?
1976 ? Jigsaw John ?
1976 ? Doctor's Hospital ?
1977 ? The Incredible Hulk Pilot Movie
1977 ? Washington: Behind Closed Doors TV Mini-Series
1977 ? Switch ?
1977 ? Quincy Double Death
1978 ? Hawaii Five-O ?
1978 ? Switch ?
1978 ? Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo ?
1978 ? Baretta ?
1979 ? The Solitary Man TV Movie
1979 ? Sex and the Single Parent TV Movie
1979 ? SWAT The Steel-Plated Security Blanket
1979? ? Stranded TV Pilot ep.
1980 ? The Lazarus Syndrome TV Movie
1980 ? Desperate Voyage TV Movie
1980 ? Once Upon a Family TV Movie
1980 ? Galactica 1980 The Night The Cylons Landed
1980 ? Hagen ?
1980 ? Hawaii Five-O ?
1980 ? Barnaby Jones ?
1981 ? Jessica Novak ?
1982 ? Rooster TV Movie
1982 ? The Fall Guy The Fall Guy(?)
1983 ? Remington Steele Steele Threads
1987 ? Highway to Heaven ?
1988 ? The Highwayman ?
1988 ? Divorce Court ?
1989 USA Net. China Lake Murders TV Movie
1990 ? People Like Us TV Mini-Series
1996 Sci.Fi.Ch. Sci Fi Vortex Halloween ep.

Sorry about the incompleteness of this list.  If you have any info for me, like episode titles, please e-mail me.

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[3] Lara Parker's Movie Credits.

Year   Title   Co-Starring
1970 Hi Mom! Robert DeNiro, Jennifer Salt, Charles Durning.
1971 Night of Dark Shadows David Selby, Kate Jackson, Grayson Hall.
1973 Save the Tiger Jack Lemmon, Jack Gilford, Thayer David.
1975 Airport 75 Charlton Heston, Karen Black, Linda Blair.
1975 Race With the Devil Peter Fonda, Warren Oates, Loretta Swit.
1983 Foxfire Light Tippi Hedren, Leslie Nielsen, Barry Van Dyke.

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[4a] Other Lara Parker Sites.       Nightgown Angelique!

There are few, if any, other good web pages relating to Lara Parker and/or Angelique, so these are mostly DARK SHADOWS Sites!

The Lara Parker Site -   Lara finally has her own Official Site up!

The Internet Movie Database, Lara Parker -,+Lara   Filmography of Lara Parker with informational Links to each title (including Dark Shadows).

Lara Parker, October 31, 1998 -   Online interview on the Sci Fi Channel's Web Site!

Lara Parker's Page -   A single page containing 6 good images of Lara but no text.

A Conversation with Lara Parker -   1991 interview with Lara by Craig Hamrick.

Lara Parker -   List of Lara's Dark Shadows characters, & photo.

Dark Shadows online -   A new, official, site for DS from Craig Hamrick.

The DARK SHADOWS Information Page -   Great Page of  D.S. info, sound files, & Links.

The DARK SHADOWS Movies Site -   An Excellent Site dedicated to the DS movies.

The DS FAQ Home Page -   Big, and Fun, Page of Frequently Asked Questions, and other DS stuff!

Rob's Misc. Dark Shadows Stuff Page! - robs-ds.htm   Some D.S. stuff I've done for my PC up on a page for fellow fans!

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[4b] Some Dark, Shadowy Vampire Sites.       Vampire Teeth!

Vampire Junction -   On-Line Magazine devoted to Vampires, with much good material.

International Vampire -   Extremely interesting Vampire Site from Amsterdam.  (Don't worry, it's in English.)

Vampire Femmes -   Images of Media women with fangs added! It's odd but there it is!

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[5] Photos of Lara as Angelique!  All are in JPEG format.

Pic.  - 230x300, Classic studio portrait of Angelique, colorized.   [ 18 KB ]

Pic.  - 368x400 Color, Angelique posing for her painting.   [ 24 KB ]

Pic.  - 300x400 Color, Angelique sits enticingly, waiting for you!   [ 32 KB ]

Pic.  - 399x480 B&W, Angelique by candlelight.   [ 36 KB ]

Pic.  - 389x300 Color, Angelique at her piano.   [ 22 KB ]

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[6] Lara & Angelique Speak!  ( Wave files )

Snd.  - Her Name is Angelique.   [ 39 KB ]

Snd.  - Who's Angelique Is She?   [ 84 KB ]

Snd.  - Angelique Calls You!   [ 103 KB ]

Snd.  - Angelique Commands You!   [ 145 KB ]

Snd.  - You belong to Angelique!   [ 106 KB ]

Snd.  - Lara introduces D.S. episode 480.   [ 179 KB ]

Snd.  - Lara introduces D.S. episode 574.   [ 296 KB ]

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[7] Related Books.   Amazon Books On-Line! is pleased to have Eccentric Obsessions in the family of associates. We've agreed to ship books and provide customer service for orders we receive through special links on Eccentric Obsessions! associates list selected books in an editorial context that helps you choose the right books. We encourage you to visit Eccentric Obsessions often to see what new books they've selected for you. Thank you for shopping with an associate. Sincerely, Jeff Bezos, President,

P.S. We guarantee you the same high level of customer service you would receive at If you have a question about an order you've placed, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  Angelique's Descent  by Lara Parker!!!

The Dark Shadows Companion: 25th Anniversary Collection  Narrated by Jonathan Frid, Lara Parker, Roger Davis, & Kathryn Leigh Scott.  Audio Cassette.

Dark Shadows: The Secret of Barnabas  by Edward Gross

My Scrapbook Memories of Dark Shadows  by Kathryn Leigh Scott

Dark Shadows: A 20th Anniversary Tribute: The Dark Shadows Files  by Edward Gross

Dark Shadows Tribute  by Edward A. Gross, James Van Hise

Dark Shadows: Program Guide  by Ann Wilson

The Dark Shadows Companion: 25th Anniversary Collection  by Kathryn Leigh Scott (Editor)

Dark Shadows in the Afternoon  by Kathleen Resch

Dark Shadows Resurrected  by Jim Pierson

The Dark Shadows Almanac: 30th Anniversary Tribute  by Kathryn Leigh Scott, Jim Pierson (Editor)

Dark Shadows: The Comic Strip Book  by Kenneth Bruce Bald (Illustrator)

The Dark Shadows Music Book  by Robert Cobert.  Sheet music.

The Dark Shadows Movie Book  by Kathryn Leigh Scott, Kate Jackson


Related Videos. Lara Parker Movies.

Night of Dark Shadows

Save the Tiger

Race With The Devil

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[8] Why a Page for Lara Parker?!

Lara Parker!     Vampire Angelique!     Lara Parker!!!

I'm one of those old people who saw DARK SHADOWS during it's original broadcast.  Lara did such an excellent job of playing a strong, seductive, sensual witch (or something that rhymes with witch), that I couldn't help but have her make a big impression on my adolescent little male brain! A superb actress who never seemed to get the big parts she deserved, Lara Parker ought to have her own web page and much more!

This small but exciting part of the WWWeb is brought to you by Robert Haycock.  E-Mail me with any questions, comments, suggestions, or information about Lara Parker.  Sorry, but because of Massive SPAM problems my E-Mail link has been "hidden". See the info box at the bottom of this page for more info, thanks!

FastCounter people have been mesmerized by Lara since July 1st, 1997.


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