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Dating with Herpes Simplex Virus

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Ask A Healer Series on Herpes Simplex Virus

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Positive Singles, for Ease of Relationships, support for those with std's such as herpes, HIV or HPV


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If you have herpes simplex virus, HIV or some other std that is considered incurable by the medical profession, you may find it has affected your ability to enter into intimate relationships for fear of being judged or rejected on disclosing your std. Many find it much easier to begin to talk about their herpes or HIV if they know the other person is dealing with the same issue. Support services and dating services are created for those with std's who want to begin to date again since diagnosis.

However, as with any other type of support group or dating service, it's important to feel comfortable with those who will be handling sensitive information. I suggest reading the privacy policy and even following up with the website creators of dating services, to insure that they take appropriate steps toward your online privacy. You may also ask that no personal contact info be sold to advertisers.

A Positive Online Resource for STD Support:

Positive Singles is a discreet, supportive and safe place to meet other people with your same health condition.

Why do people choose postivie singles? To learn from others what they may be doing that is working to improve the quality of their life; to find a friendship; to explore having an intimate relationship again without the stress of having to disclose an std before becoming intimate.

Positive singles is 100 percent annonymous. It's also the largest online dating site for people with stds. Register and Connect with Positive Singles

Health Disclaimer: As with any other online resource, please be careful with your personal information such as phone number, home address, etc. It may be a reasonable expense to go ahead and get a temporary phone with a different number, while you are exploring online dating. If you choose to meet someone, pick a neutral, public place for the first meeting. Never invite anyone you don't know to your own home until after you've met publically a few times and you've learned more about them. I don't really think it's a good idea to travel far from home to visit someone you met online either, although I have friends who do. Better to get a hotel if you go for a visit, or if they come to see you. Meeting at the hotel lounge or restaurant is a lot better than meeting in your own home.