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Lysine May Trick the Herpes Virus
And Help Reduce Outbreaks / Duration

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How the amino acid lysine impacts the herpes virus


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According to the medical association, there is no known cure for herpes simplex virus. Even formulas containing proven antiviral ingredients may not advertise as any type of herpes cure or remedy. As far as I know, our freedom of expression has not been curtailed to the point that we can't at least discuss the properties of different ingredients so I'd like to talk about the amino acid lysine, not as a herpes treatment but as a supplement that may help your body's natural ability to fight the herpes simplex virus.

The reason many find lysine helpful when herpes strikes is that there is a known connection between herpes outbreaks and a second amino acid called arginine. While arginine is vital for good health (particularly cardiovascular health), too much of it may act as a trigger for the herpes virus. In researching the importance of arginine for the heart, I've become concerned that so many with herpes simplex virus are told to avoid it altogether. I feel it is best to balance the arginine-lysine balance than to try to eliminate arginine from the diet.

How do we get too much arginine? One way is diet. Foods that either contain arginine or cause arginine production in the body include coffee, chocolate, nuts and oats. Lysine helps to lower arginine levels that have become high enough to trigger a herpes outbreak.

Combined Lysine Formula
Lysine is cheap to buy. You can get it almost anywhere these days. However, there are a few things to be aware of when buying lysine supplements. One is that many include undisclosed gelatin, another arginine-rich source. And another thing to think about is what other synergistic ingredients might make a lysine supplement more of a natural support for your body when herpes outbreaks occur or you are more at risk for them through stress or other herpes triggers such as too much sun or eating arginine-rich foods.