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What are Scabies?
Natural Scabies Remedies

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What is Scabies?


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Effective Scabies Remedy

Scabies are a type of parasitic mite, a skin parasite that lives just under the surface of the skin. The most prominent symptoms of a scabies infection are almost unbearable itching and the appearance of red lines where the mites are literally burrowing along under the skin . One thing that people don't realize, and I admit it's a little disgusting to think about, is that the actual mite doesn't cause as much distress as a complication that may result from the presence of fecal matter and body parts left from dying mites. This is a secondary condition with scabies, that is called nodular scabies.

What are nodular scabies? Rather than being caused by a different type of scabies mite, nodular scabies is a secondary condition that sometimes occurs when one is infested. When a scabies infestation is very severe, or occurs in a person who has very sensitive skin, the secondary condition called nodular scabies can result. It's not a pleasant thought but the skin irritation is even worse due to dead mites and their offings. Nodular scabies happens when there is extreme irritation to the skin resulting from trapped debris from the scabies mite such as body parts and fecal matter. Because the body senses this trapped material under the skin as foreign, it attempts to encase the foreign matter, resulting in hardened areas that can itch terribly for months.

Treating Nodular Scabies: Very thorough skin cleansing and skin exfoliation during your scabies treatment is a critical part of a fast and complete cure of scabies. Nodular Scabies can be eased by using cold compresses, moisturizing the skin and using medication for the itch. To kill the mites that are causing this secondary health condition, please read about the Mites be gone.

Norwegian Scabies: From the company making 1 Stop: Many of our customers want to know what is the difference between regular scabies and Norwegian scabies. The main difference between Norwegian scabies and regular scabies is the number of mites present on an infected person. In a typical case of scabies, the number of mites on a host at any one time is, on average, 10 to 15 (with a range of 3-50). Persons with Norwegian scabies, on the other hand, will have thousands to millions of mites. Consequently, their skin manifestations are much more severe, with thick, hyperkeratotic crusts that can occur on almost any area of the body.

The type of mite in both presentations is exactly the same. The difference lies with the host, with those developing Norwegian scabies usually having a compromised immune system. Indeed, a normal host who acquires scabies from a patient with Norwegian scabies will develop only a usual case of scabies. Norwegian Scabies requires products that will break down the crust and also heal infection quickly.

Health Care Disclaimer: Scabies can be very challenging to get rid of once an infestation is in the home. All bedding and clothing must be disinfected and all members of the family, including pets, may need to be treated. Natural approaches for dealing with scabies are not presented as replacement for any needed medical testing, evaluation or treatment.