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Mysterio delas Felipinas

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Like many other words, Sumpa has different meanings in the Tagalog Dialect. The two most used are : 

A). an oath. In this form of meaning of sumpa, it pertains to a promise. It is usually a promise to do something, usually for a lover or a dead relative ( "Sinusumpa ko, ipapaghihiganti ko kayo, Itay!). Some lovers are nagsusumpaan or they promise each other that they will remain in love until the end of time, come what may!

B). a curse. Now this sumpa is what Im going to talk about. A sumpa is a curse given to a mortal enemy. It is usually spoken by the giver in a loud voice for all to hear.

We heard of stories about witches being burned and shouting, "Sinusumpa ko, babalik ako upang maghiganti!" (I promise I will come back to take revenge!). Now those are good examples of sumpa.

Now in kulam, there are some spells to curse or place a sumpa upon a victim or enemy. Although they are very effective, modern withces rarely utilize them these days.

One way is to create what they call the Bote ng Sumpa. Everytime you curse a person, it is said that his soul will be traped inside the bottle. I just don't know how to make the  bottle but I will reserch it promise!