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Mysterio delas Felipinas

Home Kulam Bati Tawas Barang Kublis Magica

Recipes, Magical and Folkloric Information 

In the following pages you will find information on magickal recipes that have a Filipino slant, as well as small bits of magickal information that I can share.


Herbal Information

Rice  - a brief discussion on the uses of rice as a magickal herb


Black Powder  - a deadly recipe for you

Dignum - a recipe

Word Uses

Gayuma  - the uses of the word in magick

Sumpa  - Uses of the word in magick and folklore.

Enkanto - Uses of the word


Mananangal  - information on this dangerous being.

Tamao - what are tamaos? Information on this Magickal Beings

Tastos - Filipino Elemental creation within the system of Barang.