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Mysterio delas Felipinas

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Kublis Pages

Kublis is a new magickal tradition, custom made for the Filipino. Incorporating ancient Filipino practices such as Kulam, Tawas and Barang, It was made in order to educate pagans on how rich Filipino Paganism can be. Here are some articles that you can look at to see the vast world of Kublis.


Kublis FAQs
Some Beliefs of Kublis The Tools of Kublis

Kasde Kublis

The following are articles which I wrote for those who want to practice Kublis with a group or Samahan. Please remember that Kublis was created for solitaries so minor adjustments should be made to make it fit covens. (I borrowed lots of information from Mr. Perez here. So thank you very much!)

About Group Kublis

The Kasde

The Leaders of a Coven

Some Materials Essential to Kublis

The following are official documents and e-books regarding the nature of kublis.

Ang Anas ng Diosa  

(A Filipino version of the Charge of the Goddess)

Tatlong Aklat ng Karunungan 

The Books which hold much folkloric information that Kublis Uses

Batas ng Wicca 

The Wiccan Rede

Salamangka de Paham 

Official Ritual Book of Kublis

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