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Mysterio delas Felipinas


     You have reached, Mysterio delas Felipinas 

     This site was built to establish strong appreciation of our own magickal teachings and knowledge, especially for the young pagans. Because now, I don't know any Filipino pagan who happens knows the names Ideale and Bathala, who were once the center of religious worships around the country.

     So in this small site you will find information largely about Filipino Magick. I know a lot of you are a bit angry at me for presenting LOCAL paganism, but I would like you to know that I was also a bit uneasy when my friends talk about Filipino Folklore, but through time, I also became proud of what we have.

     Although I took most of these facts from books, I cannot say that they are valid. In case you would like to question their validity, I would suggest you experiment with them.

    I am also asking forgiveness for presenting Filipino Magickal information using the english language. I know that I should use our own language but I was thinking that the other non-filipino surfers will have a very hard time in translating what I have written.

     Sana ay may matutunan kayo sa Website na ito at ito ay inyong gamitin para sa kabutihan ng lahat!

(May you learn something from this site and may you use it for the benefit of all!)

For a list of people I want to thank, click here.

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The Ultimate Guide to Filipino Magick, Religion and Mystery!

This website was last updated January 2002

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