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Mysterio delas Felipinas

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What actually is this thing they call Kulam? For most people, it is a type of negative magic that aims to control, injure, curse or do baneful things to a person.

But Kulam is not just negative, it also has a positive side. Kulam, as I define it, is a magical practice streaming from voodoo and santeria practices. Kulam is Witchcraft, filipino style.

Now what are the basic tools or supplies of Kulam? A Mangkukulam (a person practicing Kulam) uses candles, herbs, dolls and the like.

Now the following information is taken from folktales which I heard from my Lola.

How does a person become a Mangkukulam? Well most are hereditary, passed to them by their Mothers or Fathers. Usually it happens when the mother or father is about to die. He or She passes her magickal powers to her child.

Folks say that a Mangkukulam uses her powers to injure others. She uses a black rag doll. Like Voodoo, she affixes a piece of hair from her victim unto the doll. She sticks pins into it to hurt the victim.

But today Kulam has emerged into a different practice. No longer do Mangkukulams use their power to hurt others but they use it for the benefit of not only themselves but for the benefit of all.

One of the most popular book on this subject today is Tony Perez's 'Mga Panibagong Kulam' (New Kulam).

Tony's book gives Kulams (spells) for almost any event. There is one to Make a Thief admit his crime, A love Kulam, and many others.

I would really love to print in this site a Kulam from the book but copyrights prohibit me from doing so. That's why Im just going to print "traditional" information on Kulam