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Mysterio delas Felipinas

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TAWAS: Healing the Pains

Tawas as one can define it, is alum, used as a deodorant and used to threat illness, that is singaw. But that is not what I am talking about. The Tawas that will be discussed here is "A magickal practice used to diagnose illness of the supernatural level.

That's right, illness. Tawas deals with dtermining what causes the person to be that way. But unlike true diagnosis or check-up, it deals only with sickness of the "Supernatural Level". When we say Supernatural, it deals with Kulam, Barang, Bati, and Na-engkanto or Enchanted.

Tawas has long been used and practiced in the Philippines. We are not the only ones who use tawas. According to Tony Perez in his book "Tawas", even the Kahunas of the Huna tradition of hawaii have same practices like tawas. and not only Kahunas, even the Chinese and Yorubans have practices quite alike with our tawas.

A person who performs tawas has a variety of Tawas Techniques to chose from. He can Use candles, rice, beans, pendulums, grains, soil, trees and water. But one of the most popular techniques is the Candle Tawas or Tawas ng Kandila:

Tawas na Kandila

Take a new candle and a bowl of clear water.

Talk to the patient until you can sense the presence within him.

Next begin the prayer to the Almighty. (In case you dont know the prayer, just pray to your God to guide you in your undertaking. Almost all forms of prayer are effective)

Then, light the candle and place it over the bowl. Wait until it drips.

While it drips chant a prayer to the almighty asking for help.

When the time is right, an image will form in the wax drippings. Using your intuition, interpret the image.

Sometimes the drippings take the form of monsterous creatures and evil witches or some times they donmt take form at all. It is the interpretation and intuition of the person performing tawas that will tell what is really causing the sickness.

Tawas is also an integral part of a healers knowledge. This way, he can readily know what is really the cause of an illness and can cure it much easier.