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Mysterio delas Felipinas

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 Bati: The Power of Words

Bati is a kind of energy transfer. It can affect a persons health or feeling in an instant.

Let's give an example of this Bati:

Your tell a child just how cute he is. You tell him for about an hour that he is cute. While you speak to him, you unknowingly send forth energy into the child. After some time, the child begins to feel drowsy and suddenly begins to vomit. This is because his body is reacting to the energy you sent. Because his body is new to your level of energy, he feels drowsy.

Now a way to stop the effects of Bati is the Pikel-Pikel, as the filipinos call it. It involves holding the head of the Victim, if you will, by the right hand of the energy sender and repeating the words Pikil-Pikel.

Bati can also be used to bring for changes into the enviroment. For example, you told your friend, "Ang ganda ng panahon di uulan ngayon" ("The weather is great, it won't rain today!") then suddenly, it began to drizzle. Your friend will probably tell you, "Binati mo kasi".

Try Bati once in a while and see how real it really is!