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Mysterio delas Felipinas

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Gayuma is the name given to love potions. Most of this potions are made from certain herbs and animal parts. And they are blessed by intoning an incantation, latin in sound to give it potency.

One recipe of this love potion is made up of Damong Maria, boiled in Tubig Ulan or rain water. This is added to food or drinks of the person to be enchanted.

Another type of Gayuma is the charm Gayuma, which looks like a small red bag. Inside the bag are small items like pieces of hay and lizard bones. This charm is worn to promote love.

Also, Gayuma is the term given to Love Spells, including the spells to bring love, to end a love affair and even to snatch someone's lover. This type of Gayuma is practiced by most Mangkukulams or witches.