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Frequently Asked Questions

These pages answer questions we are often asked about Pupil Reporter. They are grouped together below. Click on a question to go to the answer.

Prices and licences
How much does Pupil Reporter cost?
Why is there a free version?
What are the differences between the full version and the free version?
Can I circulate the free version to my colleagues?
How many copies of the program can I install?
What does the licence say?
How does a school receive Pupil Reporter?

What type of computer will Pupil Reporter work on?
How big is the free download file?
How can I put the program on disk to give to colleagues?
How big is the full version of Pupil Reporter?
Can put Pupil Reporter on my network?
How secure are Pupil Reporter files?
Does Pupil Reporter require other software to run?
Does Pupil Reporter integrate with other school software?

Report form design
How does the Report Form Designer work?
What does the Report Form Designer look like?
How do I circulate a report form design to teachers?
How many different designs can I make?
What can I specify in the form design?

Using the program
How does the program work?
What does the program look like?
What do the instructions look like?
Will the program collate reports from different teachers?
How easy is the program to use?
How much time will I save?
How do I transfer files between computers?

Comment Bank
How does the comment bank work?
What does a comment bank look like?
How many comment banks can I make?
How many comments can I put in a comment bank?
Why are there no comment banks supplied with the program?
Can I give my comment banks to other teachers?



Latest News

Pupil Reporter is available for free, for all teachers working in education with students between the ages of 3 to 18. The free version does not have all the functions of the full version, but you will find it very useful nontheless.

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