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How much? What do I get for my money?


The full version of Pupil Reporter is available licenced to a school (teaching pupils between the ages of 3 to 18); the school's name is locked into the program and cannot be changed. The licence allows the school to install Pupil Reporter on both school computers and teacher's own home computers.

The cost of the licence is a one off charge, and depends on the number of teachers working in your school:

Number of Teachers
Pounds Sterling
American Dollar

To calculate the price of having Pupil Reporter in your school use the form below. (Note that the 'Estimate number of years use' is used to calculate a 'cost per teacher per year' value - it does not affect the price paid. Note that schools in poorer countries with a 'Gross National Product per person' below x00 dollars, or in economic crisis, will receive the program for half price at our discretion. Please send us a message with your details if you think you are eligible.)

Number of Teachers:
Estimate number of years use:

Pupil Reporter Pro Price:

Cost per teacher per year:


If you would like to purchase Pupil Reporter for your school please click on the 'buy' link below.

Buy Pupil Reporter
Fill in Registration Form
Go to secure online payment
Pupil Reporter is posted to your school on CD-Rom.


Latest News

Pupil Reporter is available for free, for all teachers working in education with students between the ages of 3 to 18. The free version does not have all the functions of the full version, but you will find it very useful nontheless.

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