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What do schools say about Pupil Reporter?


"Pupil reporter worked very, very well, we would recommend it."
- Deputy Head, UK

"Very successful, all the staff mastered [Pupil Reporter] very quickly."
- Headteacher, UK

"Pupil Reporter is a flexible, easy to use program which enables teachers to construct meaningful and precise comments, whilst at the same time maintaining the personalised feel of handwritten reports. I fully recommend its use for other schools."
- Headteacher, UK

"I have shown Pupil Reporter to other schools and they are always very impressed."
- Headteacher, UK

"Pupil Reporter has saved me a great deal of stress. I highly recommend it to other schools that want to make their life much easier."
- Teacher, UK

"Pupil reporter is a very, very good program."
- Headteacher, UK

"You can use [Pupil Reporter] to successfully create unique and personal reports."
- Deputy Head, UK

"Pupil Reporter is an excellent program. It has clearly been designed with the needs of teachers in mind. Top marks."
- Teacher, UK


These comments were made about Pupil Reporter Version 2. Version 2 did not have the ability to paste to predefined groups of pupils, and was customised by us at SirCat Software to the school's specification. Version 3.0 is now newly available. The pasting options have been improved, and the form specification software has been built into the program - so that the schools themselves can define and change the design for any number of forms…enabling us to offer the program to a wider audience on this web site.


Latest News

Pupil Reporter is available for free, for all teachers working in education with students between the ages of 3 to 18. The free version does not have all the functions of the full version, but you will find it very useful nontheless.

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