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There are 2 versions of Pupil Reporter available from this site. One version is the Full Version and the other the Lightware Version - but what is lightware?…

Lightware software is software that does not have all the functions of the full piece of corresponding software. The idea is that we supply for free, a useful but limited program, for everyone to download for nothing. The software is of practical and real use for teachers - if it wasn't a help few would bother to download it. We believe that many teachers will be so impressed they will want to pay for the Full version of Pupil Reporter.

The differences between the Lightwear Version and the Full Version are shown in the table below:

Pupil Reporter

Pupil Reporter

Full Version
Pupil Reporter




To obtain a Full Version of Pupil Reporter please click on 'Buying' from the menu on the left.

To obtain a Lightware Version of Pupil Reporter please click on the link below and enter your details.

Go to Free Registration Page


Latest News

Pupil Reporter is available for free, for all teachers working in education with students between the ages of 3 to 18. The free version does not have all the functions of the full version, but you will find it very useful nontheless.

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