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Gypsy Blues

have I been blind, have I been lost, have I been wrong,
have I been wise, have I been strong,
have I been hypnotized, mesmerized,
by what my eyes have found, in that great street carnival
in that carnival?
- Natalie Merchant, Carnival from her album TigerLily


Awaken from this dream!
Oh, quiet, watchful, gypsy girl,
The crows are cawing their warnings;
Time to pack it in, head home.
Your tears, like pearls,
Cannot bring this one back to life.
Nurture thyself for awhile.
Abandon this vigil,
Blow out the candle,
Turn around, walk away.
Distant calls are hollow,
Meaningless words hold little action.
Follow the raven toward tomorrow,
We have other dreams to persue.


Gypsy Winds

A want that must be forgotten
Oh did such bitter winds
Forecast this? This true heart rejected?
Discarded, for material obstacles.

Take heed my words of warning
There are gypsies among us.
You must remain adventurous,
And willing to be left behind.

Cut-throats and thieves all around
Guard yourself and your heart
For they take more than
What can be held in the hand.

Hearts freely given, are never
Retrieved, occasionally rescued;
Never the same as before,
The gypsy takes his cut.


Gypsy Man

Oh, sweet, melancholy, gypsy man,
You won my heart with a smile
And a practiced glance, like a hook…
A kiss that would melt stone;
Tutored by the moon in the art of seduction.

Oh, sweet, devious gypsy man,
A wonderfully innocent countenance,
Beguiling and compelling, irresistible.
I must resist this roguish thief of hearts,
For he seems forever falling, needing rescue.

Imagined depths of devotion,
This gypsy witch was carried away,
Nearly drowning in cerulean pools.
Shallow waters reflecting an azure sky.
Rising from the shoal, dripping disappointed tears.


The Web of Gypsy Blood

This web of unity she wove
While they were but babes,
And still it stands.
Bound with blood, and with love.
Always will it prevail.

With teeth and hair and circumstance
And blessings of the goddess,
Years ago she wove this spell
With no knowledge of the doing,
But it was strong and everlasting.

They became the threefold
Generational sisters, the harpies,
Which no man can withstand.
This was all intricately woven,
This powerful spell, this powerful curse.

It was done in anger and desperation,
But was needed at the time.
And it has had it's long term repercussions.
But they are still together,
For always as one, forever alone.




Love (or something like it)