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Well I was there and I saw what you did,
Saw it with my own two eyes,
So you can wipe off that grin, I know where you've been,
It's all been a pack of lies...
- Phil Collins, In the Air Tonight, from Face Value


Words, words, words,
I can't stop reading your words,
Believing your words.
Was I so easily led?
Did you find me a succulent
And tasty prey?
Did I satisfy some deep seated
Desire? So intense, at times
It ignited the night.
Gone now, plunged into darkness,
Screaming in a soundless void
Where? Has it gone?
I thrash and moan.
A bound, but willing victim
Of a relentless predator,
Who has devoured my heart.
I feel much like Prometheus,
And you are my eagle,
As each day brings anew
More pain and loss
That slowly eats out my heart.



You were like a thief in the night
Stealthy, softly spoken words of promise
Unfulfilled, your peaceful slumber
You've put a lien on my heart
no deposit, no return
my wakeful frustration

Hollow words like the dark of the moon
There, but not there, echo through my mind
Waxing poetic, waning with bitterness
Was it a dream after all, ethereal
Elusively teasing my melancholy soul
Dwelling in the indecisive mind

Bond fires reach towards the sky
Complicated lives yearn for more
Of a simplicity that, as that sky
Dances out of our grasp like a teasing flame
Testing the wood for its mettle, it's spark
Fearing the deluge that threatens

Was is it too much too soon
It was bound to be our undoing
The tapestry unravels to the floor
Is there time to catch it yet
The watchful heart remains doubtful
As traffic fills the night





Gypsy Blues



Love (or something like it)