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Desire & Passion

And I don't care if there is no tomorrow
When I could die here in your arms
- Annie Lennox, Stay By Me, from Diva


Whisperings in the corner of my mind,
A slow, exquisite ache spreads from deep inside;
Remembrance of sultry gazes, a quick intake of breath…
It takes deliberate effort to remain undistracted.
I want to blur time 'til I see you again,
To relieve this ache of longing I have for you.
I/You can't get there/here fast enough,
My heart races with anticipation of sweet caresses and tender kisses.
I am not complete 'til your heart rests next to mine,
Your breath on my neck, our fingers intertwined.
Then, only then, could time stand still, and I would not object.



I would welcome your touch,
Could never turn you away.
Though you should be anathema to me,
You weaken me, have a power over me.
I am unable to resist your seductions,
So smooth, almost dance like.
We fit as if we were molded for each other,
Since before recorded time.
Your dark, intense gaze mesmerizes me,
Your voice imploring me further
And higher than I've ever been before.
I could spend an eternity in your arms,
Feeling you inside, breathing in sync,
Finding the stars around us,
As we float in our shared rapture.


True Passion

I am so tuned in to you,
I can anticipate your every mood,
Every reaction, every need.
In the real world, that is…

In the sensual world,
You anticipate my every mood,
Every reaction, every need…
You are so tuned into me.


Love (or something like it)








Gypsy Blues