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April 1861 woodcut showing the "First Defenders" marching by Zion's Church on their way to Harrisburg then to Washington, D.C. This unit was one of the first regiments of the Federal army to defend Washington after the attack on Fort Sumter.

The Moll family prospered during the Civil War as did the people of other families generally throughout the North. Prosperity, resulting from the tremendous demands for goods and services to sustain the Federal armies and a growing population. The gun factories in both Allentown and Hellertown produced numerous rifles and pistols, as well as other items needed to support the Union cause.

I've discovered that the members of the Moll family served with distinction in the Federal Army during the Civil War, participating in the following major engagements:

1862 Antitem, MD.
1862 2nd Bull Run, VA.
1862 Fredricksburg, VA.
1863 Chancellorsville, VA.
1863 Gettysburg, PA.
1864 Spottsylvania, VA.
1864 Cold Harbor, VA.
1864 The Wilderness, VA.
1864 Red River Campaign, LA.
1864 Shenendoah Valley, VA. Campaign
1864-1865 Petersburg, VA.
1865 Lee's Surrender at Appomattox Court House, VA.

And numerous others.

I've listed the names family members below and the Federal army units they were assigned to. I have provided links for each regiment which provides additional information about them and their service during the Civil War.

Ten (10) members of the Moll family from Lehigh and Northampton counties served in the following units of the Federal Army:

Musician Joseph Moll, 5th PA Militia
Private Pius Moll, 9th PA Volunteers
Private Josiah D. Moll, 41st PA Militia
Private Walter Moll, 14th United States Infantry
Privates William H. and George Moll, 47th PA Volunteers
Sergeant David Moll and Private Thomas E. Moll, 153rd PA Volunteers
Private Nathaniel Moll, 176th PA Volunteers

Twenty Two (22) other members of the Moll family from southeastern Pennsylvania counties served in the following units of the Federal Army:

Private William O. Moll, 6th PA Cavalary (Philadelphia County)
Private Samuel Moll, 15th PA Militia (Berks County)
Private Alfred Moll, 151st PA Regiment (Berks County)
Private Richard W. Moll, 17th PA Cavalary (Berks County)
1st Lieutenant Michael Moll, 17th PA Militia (Berks County)
Private Theodore Moll, 18th PA Cavalary
Private Charles M. Moll, 20th PA Cavalary (Bucks County)
Captain Michael Moll, 39th PA Militia (Berks County)
Private John Moll, 42nd PA Militia (Berks County)
Private Jeremiah Moll and Private Samuel Moll, 50th PA Militia (Berks County)
Private Joseph H. Moll, 51st PA Regiment (Center County)
Private Henry Moll, 76th PA Regiment (Beaver County)
Privates Jeremiah Moll, William Moll and Thomas Moll, 93rd PA Regiment (Berks County)
Private Jacob Moll, 98th PA Regiment (Philadelphia County)
Private David Moll, 173rd PA Regiment (Schuylkill County)
1st Lt. Henry Moll and Private Michael M. Moll, 174th PA Regiment (Bucks County)
Private Michael Moll, Luther's Ind. Militia
Private Gebhard Moll, Schaffer's Battery (Philadelphia)

Members of the Moll family from 13 states served in Volunteer/Militia units, as well as the Regular Federal Army and Navy during the Civil War. Click Here for information about these individuals.

In addition, Mull family members from North Carolina and other southern states served in the Confederate Army. Click Here for information about these individuals.