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Josiah D. Moll
41st PA Regiment Militia Infantry 1863, Company "K".

Private Josiah D. Moll (30 Mar 1838 - 22 Dec 1873, 5th Gen) served in the 41st PA Regiment Militia Infantry 1863, Company "K". He was recruited in Allentown for 3 months service on July 1, 1863.

On Sunday, June 28th, 1863, responding to Robert E. Lee's march north into Pennsylvania, Governor Curtin called on all able-bodied men to enlist in militia units to defend the state. A mass meeting in Allentown was held at the Leigh County Courthouse where men were urged to join the militia. A bounty was paid for volunteers ($20 for the fist month, and $10 for each succeeding month). Over 300 men enlisted in Allentown by Monday, June 29th. On July 1st, Company "K" of the 41st PA Regiment Militia was formed, commanded by Major Charles Mertz.

The regiment was first moved to Reading, then into Harrisburg on July 2nd as the Battle of Gettysburg was coming to a climax. They were not involved in the battle, but in the days immediately thereafter they served in guarding the Pennsylvania/Maryland border, repairing railroads and gathering Confederate stragglers.

The regiment was disbanded during August 3rd and 4th with the ending of the crisis in Harrisburg.

The 1869 Allentown City Directory lists Josiah D. Moll living as a boarder at the Lafayette Hotel on North Seventh Street, Allentown. The Lafayette Hotel was on the NE corner of 7th & Linden sts., a few doors south of the Moll Gunshop. He was a son of John Moll, III.

Josiah D. Moll is buried at the Allentown Union & West End Cemetary, Section F, lot 623 which is in the northwest portion of Union Cemetery near North Street.

There is no Military Service Record or Pension File about Josiah Moll in the National Archives.

Grave of Josiah Moll

Tof of headstone, showing "J. Moll"

Photos courtesty of Mr. Everette Carr, Allentown, PA, December 2005