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Christianity Vs Unions

By Mike McClellan

I ran across a website by a born again Christian, "Richard", regarding unions. Richard claims that Unions are evil, of Satan and those who belong to unions are in danger of going to hell. Some of the reasons were very interesting to me and I'd like to share them here. Please keep in mind that not all Christians share this belief but it is not uncommon in fundamentalist Christian groups.

The claims are typical of how born again Christians are capable of reducing any dedicated group or individual to something or someone who is evil, of Satan and condemned by the bible because it is not "bible based" and therefore of no value.

The following bible verses were used by Richard to "prove" unions are unscriptural and evil:

(James 4:4) "Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God?."

(Luke 16:15) "And he said unto them, Ye are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knoweth your hearts: for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God."

Richard claims that unions encourage the richest 5% of individuals in the world to be proud and greedy and to desire immense wealth to fulfill their ambitions. (He doesn't reveal source of his 'statistics'.)

Desiring any amount of wealth is evil. Anyone who belongs to a union is a likely candidate for an eternal hell! They are bound for hell because they have been fooled by Satan into wanting to improve their standard of living for themselves and their family which Richard considers selfish.

Richard postulates that unions take jobs and the right to work away from the "poor" and cause additional poverty.

According to Richard, unions are actively destroying several groups uncluding the unemployed, consumers, small businesses and pensioners. He attributes this to higher wages which result in higher costs, higher interest rates and small business bankruptcies. He summarizes by stating that unions are harmful to the economy and the poor.

For those acquainted with Revelation, Richard also suggests that belonging to a union is akin to taking the 'mark of the beast'. He says the only difference is that a union member can still quit the union and leave its evil, harmful bondage.

Richard advocates using any "extra" money for the Lord's work rather than using it for household, family or personal needs. He also advocates living in borderline poverty. Excess must be given to the church to further its ends. He fails, however, to produce a financial plan for adults attempting to support their families on minimum wages.

Richard explains that anyone living above borderline poverty is 'of the Devil' and 'evil'. It is also Satanic to seek higher wages from one's employer under any circumstances. Most people don't know what to do with the extra money other than to use it for 'evil' purposes. God will punish anyone who wishes to earn extra money. Anyone who advocates earning extra money is evil and a liar. They are also, of course, either of Satan or being fooled by Satan.

Everyone should, of course, work hard. If the world would only be "fair" and if corruption didn't exist, Richard claims there would be enough money to go around. It would be OK if 'things' were more fair. The most honest, hardest working people (born again Christians of course) would need be rewarded financially. These Christian folks could earn more if they provided extra special Christian services for the poorer folks.

Richard believes that any type of competition is evil and of Satan, absolutely and with no exception. Born again Christians, on the other hand, serve each other and there is or at least shouldn't be any competition between them.

Richard explains that this probably won't work as long as unions exist. Unions only teach greed and selfishness. They teach us not to care about our nation's economy or to have caring for other people.

Richard rambles on and on with regard to earning more than a poverty level income. He likens anyone who aspires to succeeding and being financially successful, the same as a gambler in a casino. Success is a crapshoot.

Most people who are financially successful are either stealing from others or dealing with corrupt popular products such as drugs, fashions and ungodly entertainment which are abominations in the eyes of God.

Christians should not participate in or buy: competitive sports, education, investments, toys, parties, jewelry, cosmetics, fashions, ornaments, decorations, Christmas trees, pets, Easter eggs, unhealthy food, gambling, drugs, souvenirs, entertainments, enjoyments, novels, and movies. According to Barney, God wants our full committment and the items above plus many more only detract and corrupt us. We should rid ourselves of them and devote our time, energy and especially our money soley to God and his high purposes.

Richard rambles further and quite obviously without any insight regarding real statistics, world condtions or life's reality in general. He knows nothing about the real pupose and functions of legitimate trade unions.

All of the above information is from a Christian's website who believes and advocates all of the ridiculous ideas and concepts plus many more not specified here. While absurd, the concepts are not untypical of the radical born again Christian belief system and the fervent, zealous born again fundamentalist Christian.

I was a dedicated, zealous born again, fundamentalist Christian for over two decades. I deconverted after 20 years when I finally discovered that the bible could not be the word of God and that Jesus Christ may have not even existed. My born again history is on another part of this website.

I have also been a dedicated unionist for two decades (after I left Christianity). I have held various positions in my local union for some fifteen years, the last being local president for a number of years. I presently continue to be an active union member and assist the union whenever possible.

My dedication came with the realization that corporate America and corporate management generally doesn't give a damn about the loyal wage earners who toil for them daily, often taking home meager salaries which don't stretch as far as the cost of basic necessities.

I became a unionist when I observed corporate managers paying higher wages to their favorite employees regardless of their dedication or abilities. I became a unionist when I saw punishment meted out unfairly to employees who hadn't gained the boss's favor. I became a unionist when I realized corporate mangement has no sense of fair play and is interested only in climbing up the corporate ladder on the backs of their fellow workers at any cost to their colleagues. This is often accomplished by disguising the motivation as an interest in achieving company goals for numbers and profits and includes inflicting ever increasing requirments upon the employees. This includes unrealistic production goals and long work hours - often gratis when performed by salaried employees.

I became a unionist when I witnessed employees being fired simply because the supervisor had a personality conflict with them. I have seen older, talented and experienced employess squeezed out of the work force because of unrealistic requirements forced upon them.

My complaints against corporate management are many. Most readers already know of the disparity of treatment and inequities inflicted upon them by don't give a damn supervisors.

These are only my observations and don't include witnessing the union struggle in the America at the beginning of last century. I've only read about the struggle. The killings and oppression of union organizers in the early 1900s make our present day union struggles against corporations look microscopic in comparison. Hundreds of labor organizers and union members and sympathizers met their deaths at the hands of goons employed by corporations.

When I attended the Institute for Labor Studies at West Virginia University, classes included a study of the atrocities committed by companies against their employees and against those who organize unions in hopes of gaining fair wages and working conditions. Retaliation by corporations included Killing and torturing organizers and union sympathetic workers. The obstacles placed in front of the unions and their organizers looked insurmountable. Human spirit prevailed and some equity was finally achieved but not without the loss of many lives.

Management was powerful and usually had influential, corrupt government officials and departments on their side.

The misconcept that members of our present day trade unions belong to evil, Satanic, Devilish organizations can only be propagated by someone who knows little or nothing about trade unions, their goals and accomplishments in the last century.

My purpose for writing this essay is not to advance the union cause. My purpose is to expose the radical, erroneous and damaging mindset of the born again fundamentalist Christian and to present the dangerous thinking of the unknowedgable who vehemently advocate ridding the world of organizations which don't fit into their dangerous agendas.

The webmaster of the site I have described mentions nothing of the corruptness of corporations or the cut-throat tactics corporations use to achieve their ends. He fails to mention the jobs Americans have lost as we watch our industries move to other countries where wages (and living conditions) are deplorable. He doesn't discuss the prison and child labor used in Mainland China to manufacture low cost products sold throughout the world. He doesn't mention the prison-like conditions children live in, in Pakistan where they are sold to companies and labor for their bed and a meager portion of daily food, meanwhile, being chained either to their machine or their bed. He probably doesn't even know about them.

The webmaster decries unions and in his convoluted thinking, portrays them and their members as evil and of Satan - doing his will. He should attempt first to prove the existence of Satan or for that matter, the existence of Biblegod and/or Jesus Christ. He will be hard pressed to do so. He would be equally hard pressed to show that the (errant) bible is the word of any God.

It is interesting to note Richard advocates that all Christian workers should give their excess wages to God - probably through the church. It is more interesting that Richard believes that certain Christians should receive more compensation than others if they are serving God in a 'special' way.

I bet Richard considers himself to be one of those special Christians!

Update: 9-24-2002 - Richard has shortened his anti-union website considerably but the same basic rhetoric is there 2 1/2 years later. More can be found on his "Challenging Question" site. Readers can view his sites at

"Unions" - Richard Hole

"Challenging Question On Christian Income" - Richard Hole".

Created May 28, 2000 Revised March 27, 2003

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