Gays VS Fundamentalist Christianity E-Mail List

If you are gay and have left born again Christianity because of the claims that homosexuals and lesbians are bound for hellfire or eternal separation from God, this email list will be of interest to you.

If you are gay and have remained in Christianity, you may also find this list interesting and even helpful.

Heterosexuals and Christians are also welcome! The following is a description of the list. After the list is a box where you may join the list. Joining and unsubscribing are easy!

This is a discussion group for both gays and heterosexuals to discuss how born again fundamentalists, Christian evangelicals and Christianity in general treat, react and respond to homosexuals and lesbians.

Many gays believe they are born gay rather than choosing to be gay and that altering their sexual desires to become heterosexuals and engage in and enjoy heterosexual (straight) sex is as impossible as it is for a heterosexual to choose to become gay.

Most born again fundamentalist Christians believe the gay life style is a choice, that it is "sinful" and that gays, with the 'help of Jesus', can become 'straight' if they truly want to change.

The fundamentalist view may have caused many gays to leave Christianity, especially the born again fundamentalist and evangelical persuasions.

The purpose of the group is to broaden the perspectives of the participants and provide a format which allows everyone to discuss homosexuality and lesbianism and to gain insight, understanding and tolerance for those who live "alternate' lifestyles".

Heterosexuals and Christians are welcome to join this group to discuss their views, however, this is not a forum to evangelize other list members.

The only requirement is that courtesy always be afforded to everyone in the group. Disagreement is OK. Hateful comments are not.

Anonymity is OK. If you desire to be anonymous, please consider using a 'HotMail', 'Yahoo' or similar Email address.

Enjoy the forum!

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This page updated February 6, 2001