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Leaving Born Again Fundamentalist Christianity
E-Mail List

This is a support group for Born Again and Fundamentalist Christians and ex-Born Againers who have serious questions about their beliefs and either have left, want to leave or are thinking about leaving born again fundamentalist Christianity.

Many 'believers' in born again fundamentalism and Jesus Christ have decided born againism may not be what they first thought and have begun to realize that the Bible is not necessarily the inerrant word of God. They wish to seek spiritual values elsewhere or just 'get out' and give it a rest for awhile.

Whether you are a Christian, an atheist or an agnostic, you will find support and understanding on this list.

This is a place where you may freely discuss spiritual conflicts, guilt, fear of losing good friends, dealing with Christian family members, fear of losing salvation, fears of losing fellowship with God. You will not be admonished or preached to or witnessed to! Neither will anyone flame you!

Others have been where you are and understand what you're experiencing, your deep concerns and why you may want out! You'll find support and understanding here.

There will be no evangelizing or preaching 'salvation' on this group. This is a group to help and support persons who have left or may want to leave "Fundamentalist Born-Again Christianity". This is NOT a forum to evangelize, 'witness', admonish, block their exit or suppress questioning of beliefs.


If you are a born again Christian and join the list with the idea of evangelizing, you'll be moderated immediately. You may get one shot in but you won't get anymore!

If you are a born again Christian who wishes to discuss or debate the bible (without trying to evangelize) you probably won't be tolerated well by many of the list members. That's the way it is and I won't intervene on your behalf.

There are usually people on the list who need to see just how ridiculous, deceptive and dangerous the born again fundamentalist cult actually is.

Please contact me first to advertise another email list, group or chat room here.

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