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Here are some fairly easy tutorials. Yes, they might be easy, but they sure are helpful. Get the most out of your Flash and Photoshop programs, and use their capabilities to the fullest. If you want to submit a tutorial, please send it to


Flash Tutorials

Posted here will be some tutorials about Flash MX. Some of these tutorials will also apply to Flash 5 and maybe 4, but the GUI changes a lot during the updates, so I can't be sure. I'll get some made up as soon as I can find the time to.

- Pre-loader Tutorial


Photoshop Tutorials

Ahh... The leader in graphical design. Adobe Photoshop, and I have tutorials for it. Most would seem really easy, but then again, most people haven't explored all the functions of Photoshop. Hey, most Photoshop guides don't even go through most of the program.

- Sunset Scene Creation




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