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Media Images (Posters/Magazine Designs/Video Covers/CD Covers)

This is really a large assortment of thing really. Posters, Magazines, Video and CD Covers. If you like what you see here and you want something done for yourself, I'll be happy to see what I can design... for a price. (negotiable, depending on the size and time frame of the project) E-mail me at if you want something designed.



This is where all of the best photos that I have taken go. They will be put here in order of the place where they were taken.

Canadian Rockies

1. Panoramic - View From Lake Louise Ski Resort


Lindeman Island - Whitsunday Islands

Coming Soon...


Flash Animations

Here is where all my Flash animations are/will be stored. Here are the ones so far:


- 3D Stick Figure Animation using the time Method from 24 - Personal Work

This animation consists of 24, 1 second episodes. People didn't like me releasing them individually.


Mahoy Wars

Full Cartoon Animation, Using a variety of cartoon methods - School Work

This is a cartoon style mock-up of Bill Gates, built on the motion genre; wealth.


Feature Movie

Due to really small space and bandwidth... no movies can be uploaded to this website. If anyone has any details about a free or really cheap place to upload my movie to, I would be very greatful.




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