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Current Projects

Here is where I announce what I am making, school projects will always take precedence over any other project. I'm sure that you will understand.


School Projects

Currently I am working on by big Unit 3 video production. Storyboards will be displayed here after the pre-production stage is completed. Unfortunately, my movie will not be shown on the internet because I don't have enough space or bandwidth to support viewer access to it. If anyone knows where I can get really high bandwidth and space for really cheap, or a place where I can submit my movie to, I will be very greatful.


Other Projects

On holidays, you meet all types of people and thanks to some contacts I've been loaded with work. At the moment, I'm just making mobile phone logos (for all Nokia Phones with out full colour screens.)


I'm also in the stages of designing a crest, logo, and letterhead for a North Australian school. Due to privacy the school has asked me not to display the finished product and not to display their actual name on the internet. I have obliged to this and will respect their decision.


E-mail me at if you want something designed. But I am a little busy at the moment so please you might have to wait for a little while for your request to be answered.




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