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Adobe Photoshop - Flash MX Preloader Tutorial


For this example, I have used a simple preloader that I have created for use with my movies.

For this tutorial you will need to have a basic understanding of Flash and the action-scripting tools. FOR ADVANCED USERS ONLY!


Click Here for one I prepared earlier.


Start with an empty scene, and create a Keyframe (F6) in frame 1.



(If you have downloaded the file, please read the instructions carefully and make sure that you don't put them in your movie.)



Create a Movie Clip called "preloader" then, make a one frame movie called "loadbar"

"Loadbar" is just a small rectangle, aligned just to the right side of the center cursor.

Put "Loadbar" in the bottom layer of the "Preloader" clip.



Create two blank keyframes (F7) in the top layer of "preloader". Code will go here. Put in a logo and some loading text. put a button saying "PLAY" in the layer LOADING_TEXT in the 3rd frame. (At the flag)

In the LoadBar_FRAME layer, create a frame to go around the load bar. (It looks good if its the same size.)



In the first frame of the ACTIONSCRIPT layer, create frame actions and input.



PercentLoader = _root.getBytesLoaded() / _root.getBytesTotal()

if (PercentLoaded != 100) {

    setProperty(bar, _xscale, PercentLoaded) ;

} else {



The gotoAndStop("loaded") function only occurs if you make a comment called "loaded" on the third frame. (Where the flag is)



The only bit of code need from now on is in the second blank frame on the ACTIONSCRIPT LAYER which simply says




NB: To make the movie automatically start when loaded, just change the gotoAndStop("loaded") to gotoAndPlay("<scenename and frame#>")


And there you have it. A very professional, creative and extremely helpful Flash Preloader.



 If you didn't understand the instructions, or your a Flash NEWBIE, click on the link at the top to download the preloader.fla file and then just CTRL + ALT + C and CTRL + ALT + V the frame to the start of your movie.


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