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Quote of the day: Does anyone actually read these quotes?
About DK|TU

DK|TU, or Damian Keeghan | Totally Useless Productions, was founded in 2003. Totally Useless Productions consists of only one member; Me! So technically this site should just be DK|DK. But that sounded pretty stupid, so I used my made up company and put them together. DK|TU. Much better!



Name: Damian Keeghan

Age: 16 (Year 11)

Place of Origin: Victoria, Australia

Favourite Movie/s: The Matrix and Sequel

Favourite Band/s: Rob D or Rage against the Machines

Favourite Quote: There are 10 types of people in this world; Those who can read binary, and those who can't! - Unknown



I made this site as a basic storage and portfolio area, so I can access all of my creations just by logging onto the net. This is not really a bragging contest, just a place where i can store all of my favourite pieces of work. A place where I know it will remain untouched, and If i loose all of my work from my computer, I won't have absolutely nothing left. (Believe me, that nearly happened to me a while ago.)




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