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Bad Reaction (NSYNC) - Contribution to the January Chaotic Bliss Fan Fiction challenge!

Bored (NSYNC) - Chris is bored on the bus, and harasses everyone for fun.

Do It Again (NSYNC) - Lance wants Chris to do it again.

Happy Valentine's Day (BSB) - Lara comes home from a gloomy day to find a Valentine's surprise.

I Never (NSYNC) - Chris and Lance learn something new, and do something about it. (Slash)

Norway (NSYNC) - Chris' reasons for a sudden trip, and for bringing Lance along, are things Lance needs to figure out.

One Last Fling (NSYNC) - The girls decide to have a little more fun before things start to turn serious.

The Dance (NSYNC) - Justin and Lara share the dance they missed.

The Happiest Day Of Their Lives (NSYNC) - Chris is forced to end the longing for what could have been. (Slash)

The More Things Change (NSYNC) - Lance's life has changed forever, but no one can ever know about it. Will he be able to keep it a secret? (Note: This is an *NSYNC-Kindred: The Embraced crossover story.)

The Song Remembers When (NSYNC) - Lance is reminded of an old love he thought he'd forgotten.

Time To Go (NSYNC) - Lance must say goodbye to the love of his life.

Time's Fickle Glass (NSYNC) - When an hour late is right on time, and too soon can be disastrous.

Torn (NSYNC) - Chris is torn by what's in his past and afraid to face what's inside of him.

2021 (NSYNC) - It's 20 years later. What does Chris' wife tell their daughter about his *NSYNC days?

Writing Sessions (NSYNC) - After finding some fanfic on the web, Lance decides to try his own hand at it, and the others try to help.

Updated 10.13.02

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