I Never
By JulieOh


Every tour, it seemed like they all got homesick right around the same time. For a few days, they'd all pile on one bus together, get in each others' space, and revel in the feel of "old times".

Three weeks into the second leg of "No Strings", Lance trudged up the steps to the 3-man bus after a lunch stop. JC took one look at him, put an arm around his shoulders, and pulled him close.

"Come on back. We're just about to start a movie." He looked behind them. "Joey with you?"

"He's packing up a duffle," Lance mumbled.

Three movies and two frozen pizzas later, they found themselves sprawled around the back lounge playing "I Never", an open bottle of gin in the middle of the floor. Chris didn't know *why* they were playing it, since they already knew everything about each other. Lance liked the opportunity to tease out any remaining secrets they may have. Joey just liked making people relive their most embarrassing moments.

"Alright, fine Joey," JC said over the laughter. "I never ripped my pants on stage."

"Okay, okay." Joey shot the last of his drink and reached for a refill. "Point taken."

"My turn," Justin said. "I got a good one."

Chris rolled his eyes. "Yes, we all know you've had sex now, Justin. You called me five minutes afterwards."

"I did not! And shut up, I wasn't gonna ask that anyway." He looked around the room. "I never kissed anyone in the group."

"Oh, ho, hoooo, breakin' out the big guns, Infant!" Joey laughed around his glass as he took a sip. JC giggled so hard at that he nearly choked on his own drink, and Joey clapped him on the back while he coughed.

Justin pointed across the room at Lance and Chris, who were both quiet. "Y'all have never... with any of..." Lance was studying his own glass, but Chris was staring open-mouthed at the other three.

"I guess I must've missed 'Make Out With Your Bandmates' week."

JC, still giggling, leaned against Joey. "It was more than just a week." Joey shushed him, but he crawled across the floor, undaunted. "I know, I know! You should both kiss me!" He rested his head on Lance's knee and grinned up at Chris.

"It's tempting, Spazzy, but I think I'll pass."

"Aw. Lance?"

Lance just jiggled his knee and shook his head with a smile. JC pouted and returned to Joey's side.

"Ooh!! I have a better idea!" Justin crowed while Joey patted JC's hair in comfort. "You should kiss *each other*!" He sat back, apparently pleased with his own ingenuity. The look Chris gave him told him he didn't agree. "No, it's perfect! One kiss, then we're all taken care of."

"It's not an initiation requirement, Jup."

"Aww, come on..."

Lance crooked an eyebrow at Chris and spoke under the din of the hollers, catcalls, and other 'encouragement'. "You know they'll never shut up about it."

"You're not seriously..."

He shrugged. "It's just one kiss."

Chris looked at the others, then back at Lance. "You're right." He sighed. "I guess we should just do it."

"Might as well."

Lance meant to give him a quick dry peck. Chris meant to lean in and back again swiftly. Neither of them meant to open their mouth, sweep their tongue across a row of straight teeth, or wrap their hand around a neck or a bicep, feeling locks of hair and quivering muscles.

They realized the room had gone quiet when Joey cleared his throat. "Um. Guys?"

They pulled apart quickly and looked around the room.

"So," Justin said a little too loudly. "You've now had your first kiss." He clapped Chris' shoulder. "Welcome to the club."

Lance smiled and touched a hand to his still tingling lips. He didn't think it would be their last.


The End


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