2001, JulieOh


Chris got up, walked to the back of the bus, walked back to the front of the bus, and sat down on the couch beside JC again. He tapped his knee, stood, crossed the room, and sat at the kitchen table where Lance was staring intently at papers spread out around him. Chris stood again, looked in the fridge, closed it, and stared at the room before going to the lounge at the back of the bus again. Seconds later, he reappeared at the curtain between the bunks and the kitchen area. He looked around the room for a few seconds and sighed.


"I'm bored," he announced.


"You don't say," JC droned without looking up from his novel.


Chris sat across from Lance and bounced his knees alternately. He crossed his legs, jarring the table, finally causing Lance to look at him.




He whined. "Play with meeeee...."


Lance just shook his head. "I'm not even touching that one."


"Literally," JC piped up from the couch.


Chris looked back and forth between the two with annoyance. "Pervs. You know what I meant. Come onnnn... Play Playstation with me."






"Because you always kick my ass, and it's no fun. Play against the computer."


"The computer always wins." Lance just raised an eyebrow at him and didn't say anything. Chris rolled his eyes. "Okay, let's play cards then."


"Why don't you go bug Dave?" JC suggested, referring to their bus driver.


"He kicked me back here an hour ago."


"Call your girlfriend."


"She's at work."


Lance laughed, still watching his papers. "So call her there. Geez...."


"No, she's in a meeting," Chris explained as if it were obvious.


JC turned the page in his book. "So write her a nice long e-mail saying what you'll do next time you see her."


"I already did that." He paused. "You guyyyssss...."


Lance sighed. "Why don't you see if they'll stop the busses so you can go ride with the other two?"


"Oh, God. Justin's having *relationship* issues, I'm not going anywhere near him." Chris rolled his eyes and the other two shuddered, all remembering the young man's brooding the night before.


"Good point," Lance said. "Go organize all your Playstation games in alphabetical order by title."


Chris looked at him in horror. "Dude, I'm bored, not suddenly anal."


JC laughed at him from his spot on the couch. "Watch a movie."


Chris shook his head. "We don't have anything good that I haven't seen a thousand times."


That much was true. In the past few weeks they'd logged a lot of bus time, and they'd gone through every video and DVD in their possession at least twice.


Lance was getting frustrated by his friend's whining. He waved his hand dismissively. "Go... I dunno... make some crank phone calls or something."


Frighteningly, Chris seemed to think this was a good idea. His eyes lit up, and he went to the back of the bus where he'd left his cell phone.


About 20 seconds later, they heard Lance's phone ring from his bunk. When his head hit the table, JC started laughing.


"You asked for that one, man."


"Chris!" Lance shouted.


"What?" He appeared at the curtain, phone still in hand, looking as innocent as he could manage.


Lance sighed and looked at the ceiling for a moment. "If I play a hand of rummy with you, will you leave me alone?"


Chris grinned and dove for the drawer where they kept the cards. "Yes!"


"JC, you in?"


He reluctantly marked his place and set down his novel. "I guess."


"ONE hand," Lance reminded Chris.


"That's all I ask."




The End


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