The Happiest Day Of Their Lives
By JulieOh


It was the happiest day of their lives.

As she came slowly down the aisle towards us, the love in her eyes shone
clearly even through her veil. I looked across the row to where Lance
had stepped forward to meet her. The grin that split his face was so
bright it was almost painful. Justin nudged Joey, who in turn clapped
Lance on the back from his position at his side. He whispered something
in his ear, to which Lance nodded, his smile never wavering. I looked

The next half hour was a blur. I saw him holding her hands tightly while
they both spoke words I didn't hear. I thought of the number of times
he'd held my hands that way. Comforting in homesickness, encouraging in
court negotiations, hoping in award announcements, healing in illness.

Ten years. For ten years we'd grown, learned, and laughed together.
Cried on each others' shoulders. Shared dreams, space, warmth, breath.

In ten years I'd seen him grow from a shy boy to a confident man. I
watched while he loved, picked up the pieces when his heart was broken,
then had to step back and watch him love again. And now this.

I looked up in the sudden silence to see her watching me over Lance's
shoulder. When she caught my eye, the minister's last words registered.
'Speak now or forever hold your peace.'

What was the look in her eyes? Accusation? Daring? Concern? Pity?


She knew. She had seen what I thought no one had.

As the minister spoke again, closing the door, she returned her gaze to
her new husband's. I didn't need to see Lance's face to know he mirrored
her look of absolute joy.

I felt an arm drape over my shoulder and looked to see a tissue being
handed to me.

"It's great, isn't it?" JC's whispered voice was heavy with emotion.

I took the tissue but didn't answer.

It was the happiest day of their lives.

It was the loneliest day of mine.


The End


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