The Dance

2001, JulieOh


Lara kicked off her shoes in the doorway and made her way down the hall to the bedroom, dragging her feet the whole way.


"I'm sorry, Justin", she called behind her. "I didn't mean to make you leave your party so early."


"Are you kidding?" He followed her into their bedroom and closed the door behind her. "You know I hate those industry parties. I'd been trying to leave for an hour already."


"I'm just so tired...." She removed her jewelry and placed the items on the dresser. Justin came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist, and she looked up at their reflection in the full-length mirror before them.


She always loved the way they looked together, and that night was no exception. His dark grey suit was the perfect complement to the silvery blue spaghetti strap dress that flowed down her body, stopping just short of her knees. The darkness of his own outfit only seemed to accent his clear blue eyes, and they met hers in the mirror.


"You know, I never got that dance you promised me tonight..." he whispered in her ear.


She shivered involuntarily at the feel of his hot breath tickling her neck, but she reluctantly shook her head. "I'm sorry," she said again, though he ignored her and started pressing kisses along her shoulder. "Justin... I'm exhausted..."


He moaned against her skin, a disappointed sound. "Just one dance..." Barely diverting his attention from her, he reached for the stereo's remote control on the dresser. He selected a song, set it on repeat, and dropped the remote.


Placing his hands firmly but gently on her hips, he started swaying her in time to the soft music, his own hips matching the movements. He watched her in the mirror for a few moments, and she shut her eyes and let her head fall back onto his shoulder. One of his hands left her hip to trail a line from her earlobe to her waist, his knuckles barely grazing her skin. Goosebumps rose along her flesh, and he smirked.


"Ooohhhh, are you cold baby?"


Lara turned in his arms and glared up at him playfully. "Warm me up?" she purred, swaying her hips against his.


"But I thought you were tired?"


She ground her hips more tightly to him, feeling how hard he already was through his dress pants. "I think I've found my second wind."


Justin groaned and leaned down to capture her mouth in a hungry kiss, his tongue finding hers in a primal dance. He bit at her lower lip, then sucked it gently before moving down her neck, stopping at the hollow at her shoulder.


Lara pushed his jacket off his shoulders and tossed it aside. His tie soon followed, and she started unbuttoning his shirt, adding it to the growing pile. She tugged his wifebeater out of the waist of his pants, and he stepped back to remove it completely. When he stepped back to her, he turned her around again, once more watching themselves in the mirror.


His lips blazed a trail along her shoulder, paying special attention to the base of her neck. He slowly unzipped her dress, his fingertips following the zipper down, running a feathery path down her spine. She shivered, and she could feel him smile. His hands gently pushed the thin straps of the dress off her shoulders, and it fell in a puddle to the floor.


He wrapped his arms around her waist, and Lara sighed at the feel of his bare chest against her back. She ground back against him in time to the music still playing while he reached one hand up to her breasts. Her nipples were already taught, and Justin massaged and tweaked them until she whimpered. That sound made his cock jump, her constant movements to the music already driving him insane.


He turned her around and picked her up, their mouths meeting passionately. Lara wrapped her legs around Justin's waist while he carried her over to the bed. Laying her down, he stepped back and rid himself of his pants and boxers before crawling up the bed to her. He crawled back down, her panties and nylons under his hands, then returned to lie against her.


She squirmed beneath him, skin to skin. Their hands and lips were everywhere, touching, teasing, pleasing.


"Justin..." Lara finally gasped. "Please, I need you in me."


"I'm sorry, what was that?" he teased her with a smirk.


She growled in response and flipped them over. "I said..." she grinned wickedly down at him while raising herself on her knees... "I need you... right... there..." She slowly lowered herself onto his waiting cock as she spoke.


Justin groaned and grabbed her waist to keep her in place for a moment, then he slowly began to guide her movements. She grabbed his wrists and leaned forwards to hold them against the pillow above his head.


"Nu-uh, this one's all me." She started riding him slowly, clenching him with her strong muscles.


"Oh.... baby.... Lara....." Soon he was thrusting up to meet her, their pace quickening. He tugged his hands from her grasp, and she sat up straighter, scratching her nails down his chest as she went. One hand intertwined with hers while the other found her clit between them. He began rubbing it in circles, in time with their movements.


"God, Justin.... harder..."


He rolled them back over and lifted one of her legs over his shoulder. He drove into her with long, hard strokes. He could feel her muscles tightening around him, and he knew she wouldn't hold out much longer. He shortened his strokes, picking up speed.


She clutched at him and screamed out his name, a powerful orgasm shaking her entire body. A growl escaped Justin's throat, and with one final thrust he came deep inside her. Their screams mingled in the air, soon quieting to moans and murmurs, and he collapsed on the bed next to her.


They wriggled underneath the covers, and Lara snuggled up next to him. He stroked her back with one hand and her hair with the other. He kissed the top of her head.


"I love you, Lara."


"Mmm... I love you too, sweetie," she murmured against his chest, and he chuckled.


"You're tired again?"


"Took a lot of out of me..." she tried to joke, but her voice was fading by the moment.


Justin smiled as he looked down at her, and he kissed the top of her head again. "Sleep, baby." But he could tell by her breathing that she already was.


The End


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