Height: 6'1''

Weight: 350 lbs.

Finishing move: The Rumpshaker

Titles held: 1x WWE Intercontinental Champ, 2x World Tag Team Champ, 1x WWE Tag Team Champ

Manager/valet(s): Afa, Capt. Lou Albano, Bob Backlund, The Iron Sheik

Other aliases: Fatu, The Sultan, Rikishi Fatu, Rikishi Phatu

Real Name: Solofa Fatu

Rikishi came to the WWF in 1992, as Fatu along with Samu. They were known as the Headshrinkers, from Samoa. They climbed the tag team ranks fast, feuding with The Steiner Brothers and The Smokin' Gunns. In 1994, The Quebecers were the Tag Team Champs, and they had beaten all other challengers. They issued an open challenge, which Lou Albano accepted. The team he was managing were The Headshrinkers, who won the belts. They held the belts throughout the Summer, until Shawn Michaels and Diesel ended their reign. Shortly after that, Samu mysteriously left the WWF. Albano introduced Fatu's new partner, who was Sionne (The Barbarian). They were an unsuccessful combo, and had vanished by mid-1995. Fatu tried a gimmick where he was from the streets, trying to make a difference with today's youth, but that didn't work. He disappeared in early 1996, only to reappear in the Fall as The Sultan, who Bob Backlund and The Iron Sheik were going to manage to the WWF World Title.

The highest the Sultan ever got was a shot at the IC belt at WrestleMania XIII, against Rocky Maivia. He disappeared again shortly after the event and was not seen until the Fall of 1999, when he came back as sumo wrestler Rikishi Fatu. He was soon befriended by the tag team of Too Cool, who changed his name to Rikishi Phatu. He teamed with Viscera to lose to The Hollys at Armageddon. He also got a shot at the WWF Title at the beginning of January against Triple H, which he won by DQ.

Rikishi competed in the Royal Rumble, and then teamed with Too Cool against Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn, and Dean Malenko at No Way Out. The Too Cool team won. He then teamed with Kane against Road Dogg and X-pac at WrestleMania and won. He continued teaming with Too Cool throughout the Spring, and a few days before King of the Ring, won the IC belt from Chris Benoit. He had qualified for KOTR by beating Shane McMahon and Scotty Too Hotty. He beat Benoit by DQ, and Val Venis, but lost to Kurt Angle in the finals. He lost the belt to Val Venis, and failed to win it back in a cage match at Fully Loaded. He teamed with Too Cool to lose to the Right to Censor at SummerSlam, and beat IC Champ Eddie Guererro by DQ at Unforgiven. He was then singled out by Mick Foley as the man who ran over Steve Austin at Survivor Series '99. He admitted to it, and battled Austin to a no-contest at No Mercy when Austin was arrested for trying to run over Rikishi with his truck. His claim was that he did it for his friend and relative The Rock, claiming the "island boys" were always held back in the WWF. That proved to be false when Triple H revealed himself as the man behind the plot to run over Austin and Rikishi was just a hired henchman. He lost to The Rock at Survivor Series, and then lost a six-man Hell in a Cell Match for the Title at Armageddon, against The Undertaker, The Rock, HHH, Stone Cold, and Kurt Angle.

He nearly won the Royal Rumble by re-introducing his old friend Haku, but came up short. They picked a fight with the Undertaker and Kane, but Rikishi sustained an injury. He returned in the Spring as Vince McMahon's secret weapon to dismantle the Undertaker. However, Rikishi failed and Mick Foley convinced him to go back to his old ways of just having fun. Rikishi turned on McMahon but sustained another injury. He returned in December, helping the Rock and giving McMahon a Stinkface.

Before WrestleMania, Rikishi helped out his old friend Scotty 2 Hotty and his partner Albert against Mr. Perfect, Test and Lance Storm, but they lost that feud. After WrestleMania, Rikishi was drafted to Vince McMahon's Smackdown brand when the roster split occurred. He became involved with the tag team champions, helping out Al Snow and Maven against the champs Billy & Chuck and their stylist Rico. At Judgment Day, Rikishi had a tag title match against them, but no partner. Mr. McMahon, still mad about the Stinkface, chose Rico to be Rikishi's partner. Rico screwed up and cost Billy & Chuck the titles, and he and Rikishi became the tag champs. They lost the belts back to Billy & Chuck a few weeks later, thanks to Rico. Rikishi didn't do much during the summer, and then formed a brief team with Mark Henry. He feuded with Chavo Guerrero, and then John Cena, who fancied himself a rapper. Bull Buchanan, now B-2, joined Cena against Rikishi and managed to beat him.

After WrestleMania, Roddy Piper brought back Piper's Pit on Smackdown. Rikishi attempted to get revenge for what Piper did to his uncle Jimmy Snuka twenty years before, but was attacked by Sean O'Haire, who helped Piper smash a coconut over Rikishi's head. He and O'Haire met at Backlash, but Rikishi lost.