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My Most Recent Photo From 1998


- I've been writing letters & reviews, standing on soap boxes, and screaming frantically about the idiocies, and injustices, lavished upon my fellow man by other so-called "humans", for as long as I can remember.

- I have decided to compile my favorite rants (...and raves), on a webpage for others to enjoy, from whatever perspective they may take, or find.

- Within these writings, the reader will find my humanist slant upon everything from National and World Politics, to my nit-picking upon the spoiled, selfish social stratum of the wealthy.

- Each of my ramblings will be found by accessing the links below. These links will bring the reader to the specific text file described therein.

- Read and enjoy!...Or continue the rant!...Or throw darts at my portrait!...Or better yet...

A.PARDON ME, MR. CLINTON... - My letter to Dr. Alan Chartok, an upstate New York political pundit, regarding the absolutely ridiculous Senate Hearings about the pardons issued by then PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON. This letter also contains some sharp-edged digs at the GENERAL ELECTRIC - HUDSON RIVER- ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY controversy!

B.GE STRIKES AGAIN! - My short essay regarding GENERAL ELECTRIC'S television campaign against the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY and the people of UPSTATE NEW YORK.

C.AN OPEN LETTER TO THE NAPSTER COMMUNITY - My first missive regarding the controversy of MP3 file sharing.

D.WOODSTOCK NATION 2001 - After a nostalgic trip down Memory Lane, I reflected upon the distance we have drifted from the lessons we once learned. What happened to us? Where did we go?

E.PREDATORY BANKING PRACTICES IN UPSTATE NEW YORK - Recently I have been victimized by the local EVERGREEN bank & THE ADIRONDACK TRUST. It seems since the onset of my disabilities, it has become OPEN SEASON on THE WIZARD OF ODD!

F.CAPITALIST-CARNIVORUS - Today's lesson will explore the mating habits and life styles of Mother Nature's most unique creatures, the yellow-bellied blood suckers, from the Genus Carnivorus!

G.MY RESPONSE TO ONE KEN BEGG, A CATHOLIC MARTYR - Mister Begg found fault with the film "DOGMA", and tried to defend the CATHOLIC CHURCH's call for a boycott. I in turn, found fault with Mister Ken Begg and his arguments.

H.SALLY JESSE RAPHAEL TELLS MOTHERS HOW TO DRESS - I don't usually watch this afternoon television crap, but the subject matter seemed odd. Daughters unsatisfied with their mothers wardrobe, decide to force them into a new image. Man, have things changed since I was a kid!

I.POLITICS AS USUAL - I've been reading and contributing to a wonderfully entertaining and informative CHAT-LIST called "THE 60's UNDERGROUND CULTURE", for a number of months, and I thought I'd share a little taste of one of the more humorous threads recently!

J.TO BEE, OR NOT TO BEE - Here, sample two short humorous threads from the "THE B-MOVIE LIST"...Another CHAT-LIST, to which I'm subscribed.

K.MY SECOND MISSIVE REGARDING NAPSTER - This time I actually wrote to my State Senator & Representative. Now it's your turn, but I'm afraid it might be to late.

K.THOSE PESKY POP-UP ADS! - Getting tired of those annoying "Pop-ups"? Me, too.

L.FINGER-SLUT!!! - This Mail Order giant has squashed my trust in them.

M.AMERICAN MOVIE CLASSICS ON THE CUTTING ROOM FLOOR! - A long time favorite cable-channel, has started editing it's films. One can well imagine my "Epinion" of this!

N.BLOTTO: AN UPSTATE NEW YORK TRADITION! - I've been listening to these guys for years. The recent death of "CHEESE BLOTTO", prompted this reverie of this novel rockin' and rollin' band.

O.MY COMET CURSORS...CURSES! - A month or so ago, I had this bizarre communication between a software development company, one of their affiliates, and a lotto game page supplier. Beware of stern language (Mostly from me...)!

P.J. OMA'S PIZZERIA & RISTORANTE! - The best pizza of all time, can now be found in a non-descript, strip mall in Ballston Spa, New York.

Q.MY PLAY! ONLINE STORAGE FOR MP3'S! - While Napster struggles with gasping breath, MY PLAY offers users, a great place to store MP3's online.

R.THE NATIONAL BOOK REVIEW'S STANCE ON "E-BOOKS" - My first submission to the new "e-zine"..."POP MATTERS", opining the pedantic antics of this "old school boys" network...

S.WHOOPS!...I DID IT AGAIN! THIS TIME TO WNYT-13! - While responding to a local news bit, regarding the voters of Pittsfield's wise decision to nix a proposed sporting venue, I apparently got a tad carried away! I actually have a lot of respect for this channel, but they seemed to miss the point of my sarcastic rant!

T.CHARLETON HESTON IS PLAYING GOD AGAIN! - A dear lady from Texas, sent me this copy of a speech given to the Harvard Law School recently. Big Bad Chuck seems intent on fomenting an NRA-based revolution in this, the land of the free. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood!MY RESPONSE...

U.A MEMORIAL FOR THE WTC - 9/11 - After keeping my mouth shut for several months after this great American tragedy, I finally broke the silence to the newsletter I currently moderate.


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