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Academic Excellence


Academic Excellence falls under three key business areas of the organization.

      1.      Academic Excellence
      2.      Technical Excellence
      3.      Continuous Education and Career Access

The Goals and Objectives of Academic Excellence thus are as follows:

1.To increase the Grade Point Average (GPA) for all NSBE members in school, ultimately leading to having at least 75% of the NSBE student membership maintaining a GPA at or above 3.0 and possessing quality study skills.

2.To increase professional, graduate and undergraduate research opportunities & experiences for NSBE members.  By the year 2005, at least 75% of NSBE student members should be exposed to at least one research experience by the end of the first semester/quarter of their senior year. 

3.To increase Black PhD’s in engineering, science and math by 50% by the Year 2005. 

Academic Excellence Standards

Although each chapter is different, our organization has set forth standards that each chapter should try to achieve.

1. Chapter participates in Achiever’s Plus Program
2. Chapter participates in the Academic Technical Bowl
3. Chapter Average G.P.A is 3.0
4. 10% of chapter membership is Torchbearers
5. 5% of chapter membership applied for scholarships
6. 0.1 increase in overall chapter GPA from year to year
7. Increase in the percentage of students in the chapter that attend graduate school from year to year



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